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Fasciolariidae Gray, 1853

23038  (

Subfamily Fasciolariinae Gray, 1853
Subfamily Fusininae Wrigley, 1927
  » Genus Aegeofusinus Russo, 2017
  » Genus Amiantofusus Fraussen, Kantor & Hadorn, 2007
  » Genus Aptyxis Troschel, 1868
  » Genus Barbarofusus Grabau & Shimer, 1909
  » Genus Fusinus Rafinesque, 1815
  » Genus Gracilipurpura Jousseaume, 1880
  » Genus Marmorofusus Snyder & Lyons, 2014
  » Genus Fusus Röding, 1798 (temporary name, Invalid: junior homonym of Fusus Helbling, 1779. See Nomenclature note below.)
  » Genus Aptysis [sic] accepted as Aptyxis Troschel, 1868 (misspelling of Aptyxis Troschel, 1868)
  » Genus Fusus Bruguière, 1789 accepted as Fusinus Rafinesque, 1815 (Invalid: junior homonym of Fusus Helbling, 1779. See Nomenclatural note below.)
  » Genus Pseudofusus Monterosato, 1884 accepted as Gracilipurpura Jousseaume, 1880
  » Genus Sinistralia H. Adams & A. Adams, 1853 accepted as Fusinus Rafinesque, 1815
Subfamily Peristerniinae Tryon, 1880
  » Genus Hemipolygona Rovereto, 1899
  » Genus Tarantinaea Monterosato, 1917
  » Genus Chascax R. B. Watson, 1873 accepted as Hemipolygona Rovereto, 1899 (Junior homonym of Chascax Ritgen, 1829 [Reptilia]; Hemipolygona is a replacement name.)
  » Genus Lathyrus [sic] accepted as Latirus Montfort, 1810 (misspelling [by Schinz, 1825] of Latirus Montfort, 1810)

Genus Plicatella Swainson, 1837 (nomen dubium)
Not documented
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