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Margulis, L.; Schwartz, K.V. (1982). Five Kingdoms : an illustrated guide to the phyla of life on earth. Second edition. Freeman.
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Agnatha (additional source)
Aves (additional source)
Bacillariophyceae (basis of record)
Bacillariophycidae (basis of record)
Bacillariophyta (basis of record)
Bacteria (basis of record)
Cephalochordata (additional source)
Chordata (additional source)
Chrysophyta accepted as Chrysophyceae (additional source)
Chytridiomycota (additional source)
Coelenterata (basis of record)
Coelenterata (source of synonymy)
Ectoprocta accepted as Bryozoa (additional source)
Gastrotricha (additional source)
Gnathostomata (additional source)
Gymnolaemata (additional source)
Leptocardii (additional source)
Mammalia (additional source)
Nematomorpha (basis of record)
Nemertina represented as Nemertea (additional source)
Pisces (additional source)
Reptilia (additional source)
Rhizophydium Schenk, 1858 (additional source)
Rotifera (additional source)
Sipunculida accepted as Sipuncula (source of synonymy)
Stenolaemata (additional source)
Stramenopila accepted as Chromista (basis of record)
Tetrapoda (additional source)
Tunicata (additional source)
English centric diatoms [from synonym] for Coscinodiscophyceae
English featherlike diatoms for Bacillariophyceae
Latin Centrales [from synonym] for Coscinodiscophyceae
Latin Pennales for Bacillariophyceae
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