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Achelia alaskensis (Cole, 1904) (basis of record)
Achelia assimilis (Haswell, 1885) (basis of record)
Achelia chelata (Hilton, 1939) (basis of record)
Achelia latifrons (Cole, 1904) (basis of record)
Achelia megova (Hilton, 1943) (basis of record)
Achelia ovosetosa (Hilton, 1942) (basis of record)
Achelia quadridentata (Hodgson, 1910) (basis of record)
Achelia sawayai Marcus, 1940 (basis of record)
Achelia simplissima (Hilton, 1939) (basis of record)
Achelia spinoseta (Hilton, 1939) (basis of record)
Ammothea magniceps Thompson, 1884 (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus batangensis (Helfer, 1938) (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus capensis (Flynn, 1928) (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus chilensis Hedgpeth, 1961 (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus hokkaidoensis (Utinomi, 1954) (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus insignis (Hoek, 1881) (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus iuleus Stock, 1975 (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus jonesi Child, 1974 (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus lappa (Böhm, 1879) (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus longiceps Stock, 1951 (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus marcusi (Mello-Leitao, 1949) (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus pelagicus Flynn, 1928 accepted as Anoplodactylus typhlops Sars, 1888 (additional source)
Anoplodactylus portus Calman, 1927 accepted as Anoplodactylus californicus Hall, 1912 (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus projectus Hilton, 1942 accepted as Anoplodactylus californicus Hall, 1912 (additional source)
Anoplodactylus pycnosoma (Helfer, 1938) (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus spinosus (Losina-Losinsky, 1961) (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus squalidus Clark, 1973 (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus tenuicorpus Child, 1991 (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus tubiferus (Haswell, 1884) (basis of record)
Anoplodactylus viridintestinalis (Cole, 1904) (basis of record)
Anoropallene Stock, 1956 (basis of record)
Anoropallene palpida (Hilton, 1939) (basis of record)
Anoropallene valida (Haswell, 1884) (basis of record)
Ascorhynchus auchenicum (Slater, 1879) accepted as Ascorhynchus auchenicus (Slater, 1879) (basis of record)
Ascorhynchus japonicum Ives, 1891 (basis of record)
Austrodecus (Microdecus) (basis of record)
Austrodecus (Microdecus) confusum Stock, 1957 (basis of record)
Austrodecus (Microdecus) minutum Clark, 1971 (basis of record)
Austrodecus (Tubidecus) (basis of record)
Austrodecus (Tubidecus) bathyale Stock, 1991 (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis Stock, 1975 (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis annandalei (Calman, 1923) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis calcanea (Stephensen, 1933) (additional source)
Bathypallenopsis californica (Schimkewitsch, 1893) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis guineensis (Stock, 1975) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis juttingae (Stock, 1964) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis longirostris (Wilson, 1881) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis longiseta (Turpaeva, 1957) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis mollissima (Hoek, 1881) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis mollissima (Schimkewitsch, 1893) accepted as Bathypallenopsis longiseta (Turpaeva, 1957) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis oscitans (Barnard, 1954) accepted as Bathypallenopsis californica (Schimkewitsch, 1893) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis oscitans (Hoek, 1881) accepted as Bathypallenopsis longirostris (Wilson, 1881) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis paramollis (Stock, 1975) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis scoparia (Fage, 1956) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis tritonis (Hoek, 1883) (basis of record)
Bathypallenopsis tydemani (Loman, 1908) (basis of record)
Boehmia Hoek, 1881 (basis of record)
Boehmia chelata (Bohm, 1879) (basis of record)
Boehmia tuberosa Möbius, 1902 (basis of record)
Callipallene amaxana (Ohshima, 1933) (basis of record)
Callipallene longicoxa Stock, 1955 (basis of record)
Callipallene ovigerosetosus (Hilton, 1942) (basis of record)
Callipallene sagamiensis Nakamura & Child, 1983 (basis of record)
Callipallenidae Hilton, 1942 (additional source)
Cilunculus armatus (Böhm, 1879) (basis of record)
Cilunculus bifidus (Stock, 1968) (basis of record)
Cilunculus profundus (Hedgpeth, 1949) (basis of record)
Cilunculus sewelli Calman, 1938 (basis of record)
Colossendeis glacialis Hodgson, 1907 (basis of record)
Colossendeis leptorhynchus Hoek, 1881 (basis of record)
Colossendeis microsetosa Hilton, 1943 (basis of record)
Colossendeis spei Pushkin, 1970 accepted as Colossendeis macerrima Wilson, 1881 (additional source)
Endeis clipeata Möbius, 1902 (basis of record)
Hedgpethia articulata (Loman, 1908) (basis of record)
Hedgpethia bicornis (Losina-Losinsky & Turpaeva, 1958) (basis of record)
Hedgpethia brevitarsis (Losina-Losinsky & Turpaeva, 1958) (basis of record)
Hedgpethia californica (Hedgpeth, 1939) (basis of record)
Hedgpethia chitinosa (Hilton, 1943) (basis of record)
Hedgpethia dampieri (Child, 1975) (basis of record)
Hedgpethia dofleini (Loman, 1911) (basis of record)
Heteronymphon abyssale (Stock, 1968) (basis of record)
Megarhethus Child, 1982 (basis of record)
Megarhethus brevicheliferus (Hedgpeth, 1948) (basis of record)
Metapallene Schimkewitsch, 1909 accepted as Propallene Schimkewitsch, 1909 (basis of record)
Neonymphon Stock, 1955 (basis of record)
Nymphon gracile Leach, 1814 (additional source)
Nymphon helleri Bohm, 1879 (basis of record)
Nymphon hodgsoni Schimkewitsch, 1913 (basis of record)
Nymphon nipponense Hedgpeth, 1949 (basis of record)
Nymphon pixellae Scott, 1912 (basis of record)
Nymphon profundum Hilton, 1942 (basis of record)
Nymphon subtile Loman, 1923 (basis of record)
Nymphopsis Haswell, 1884 (basis of record)
Oropallene Schimkewitsch, 1930 (basis of record)
Pallenella Schimkewitsch, 1909 (basis of record)
Pallenopsidae Fry, 1978 (basis of record)
Pallenopsis arctica Stock, 1956 (additional source)
Pallenopsis boehmi Schimkewitsch, 1930 (additional source)
Pallenopsis fluminensis (Krøyer, 1844) (basis of record)
Pallenopsis fluminensis Böhm, 1879 accepted as Pallenopsis boehmi Schimkewitsch, 1930 (basis of record)
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