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Louis, A.; Petes, J. (1979). Fluctuations écologiques et algologiques dans les estuaires belges (Oostende, Blankenberge et Nieuwpoort): 1. Données de base [Ecological and algological fluctuations in the Belgian estuaries (Oostende, Blankenberge and Nieuwpoort): 1. Basic data]. Studia Algologica Lovaniensia, 7. Story-Scientia: Louvain, Belgium. XXXVI, 355 pp.
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Achnanthes brevipes C.Agardh, 1824 (basis of record)
Achnanthes brevipes var. parvula (Kützing) Cleve, 1895 accepted as Achnanthes parvula Kützing, 1844 (basis of record)
Achnanthes delicatula (Kützing) Grunow in Cleve & Grunow, 1880 accepted as Planothidium delicatulum (Kützing) Round & Bukhtiyarova, 1996 accepted as Achnanthidium delicatulum f. delicatulum Kützing, 1844 (basis of record)
Achnanthes exigua Grunow, 1880 (basis of record)
Achnanthes hauckiana Grunow, 1880 (basis of record)
Achnanthes lanceolata (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow, 1880 accepted as Planothidium lanceolatum (Brébisson ex Kützing) Bukhtiyarova, 1999 (basis of record)
Achnanthes lanceolata var. elliptica Cleve, 1891 (basis of record)
Achnanthes microcephala (Kützing) Grunow, 1880 accepted as Achnanthidium microcephalum Kützing, 1844 (basis of record)
Amphiprora paludosa W.Smith, 1853 accepted as Entomoneis paludosa (W.Smith) Reimer, 1975 (basis of record)
Amphora arenaria Donkin, 1858 (basis of record)
Amphora arenicola Grunow, 1895 (basis of record)
Amphora crassa Gregory, 1857 (basis of record)
Amphora exigua Gregory, 1857 accepted as Halamphora exigua (Gregory) Levkov, 2009 (basis of record)
Amphora laevis Gregory, 1857 (basis of record)
Amphora laevis var. laevissima (Gregory) Cleve, 1896 accepted as Amphora laevissima var. laevissima Gregory, 1857 (basis of record)
Amphora ostrearia Brébisson, 1849 (basis of record)
Amphora ovalis var. pediculus Kützing, 1844 accepted as Amphora pediculus (Kützing) Grunow ex A.Schmidt, 1875 (basis of record)
Amphora pusio Cleve, 1895 (basis of record)
Amphora veneta Kützing, 1844 accepted as Halamphora veneta (Kützing) Levkov, 2009 accepted as Amphora veneta f. veneta Kützing, 1844 (basis of record)
Anabaena constricta (Szafer) Geitler, 1925 accepted as Johanseninema constrictum (Szafer) Hasler, Dvorák & Poulícková, 2014 (basis of record)
Anabaena flos-aquae Brébisson ex Bornet & Flauhault, 1886 accepted as Dolichospermum flosaquae (Brébisson ex Bornet & Flahault) P.Wacklin, L.Hoffmann & J.Komárek, 2009 (basis of record)
Anabaena hassallii Wittrock ex Lemmermann, 1907 accepted as Dolichospermum circinale (Rabenhorst ex Bornet & Flahault) P.Wacklin, L.Hoffmann & J.Komárek, 2009 (basis of record)
Anabaena variabilis Kützing ex Bornet & Flahault, 1886 accepted as Trichormus variabilis (Kützing ex Bornet & Flahault) Komárek & Anagnostidis, 1989 (basis of record)
Anabaenopsis circularis (G.S.West) Wołoszyńska & V.V.Miller, 1923 (basis of record)
Anomoeoneis sphaerophora E.Pfitzer, 1871 (basis of record)
Aphanocapsa delicatissima West & G.S.West, 1912 (basis of record)
Aphanocapsa elachista West & G.S.West, 1894 (basis of record)
Asterionella bleakeleyi W.Smith, 1856 (basis of record)
Asterionella gracillima (Hantzsch) Heiberg, 1863 (basis of record)
Auricula dubia H.Peragallo, 1898 (basis of record)
Biddulphia rhombus subsp. trigona Cleve ex Van Heurck, 1882 (basis of record)
Caloneis amphisbaena (Bory de Saint Vincent) Cleve, 1894 (basis of record)
Caloneis brevis (Gregory) Cleve, 1894 (basis of record)
Caloneis silicula (Ehrenberg) Cleve, 1894 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros anastomosans Grunow, 1882 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros armatus T.West, 1860 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros atlanticus Cleve, 1873 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros brevis F.Schütt, 1895 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros ceratosporus Ostenfeld, 1910 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros costatus Pavillard, 1911 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros radians F.Schütt, 1895 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros septentrionalis Østrup, 1895 accepted as Attheya septentrionalis (Østrup) R.M.Crawford, 1994 accepted as Chaetoceros septentrionalis Cleve, 1896 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros vistulae Apstein, 1909 (basis of record)
Chlorogonium Ehrenberg, 1836 (basis of record)
Chroococcus dispersus (Keissler) Lemmermann, 1904 (basis of record)
Chroococcus limneticus Lemmermann, 1898 accepted as Limnococcus limneticus (Lemmermann) Komárková, Jezberová, O.Komárek & Zapomelová, 2010 (basis of record)
Chroococcus minutus (Kützing) Nägeli, 1849 (basis of record)
Chroococcus turgidus (Kützing) Nägeli, 1849 (additional source)
Closterium acutum Brébisson, 1848 (basis of record)
Closterium parvulum Nägeli, 1849 (basis of record)
Coccolithus pelagicus (Wallich) J.Schiller, 1930 (additional source)
Cocconeis pediculus Ehrenberg, 1838 (basis of record)
Cocconeis scutellum Ehrenberg, 1838 (basis of record)
Coelastrum proboscideum Bohlin, 1896 (basis of record)
Coelastrum sphaericum Nägeli, 1849 (basis of record)
Coelosphaerium dubium Grunow, 1865 (basis of record)
Coelosphaerium naegelianum Unger, 1854 accepted as Woronichinia naegeliana (Unger) Elenkin, 1933 (basis of record)
Coscinodiscus apiculatus Ehrenberg, 1844 (basis of record)
Coscinodiscus curvatulus Grunow ex A.Schmidt, 1878 (basis of record)
Coscinodiscus divisus Grunow, 1878 (basis of record)
Coscinodiscus oculusiridis Ehrenberg, 1840 accepted as Coscinodiscus oculus-iridis (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg, 1840 (basis of record)
Coscinodiscus perforatus Ehrenberg, 1844 (basis of record)
Coscinodiscus stellaris Roper, 1858 accepted as Stellarima stellaris (Roper) G.R.Hasle & P.A.Sims, 1986 accepted as Coscinodiscus stellaris var. stellaris Roper, 1858 (basis of record)
Crucigenia quadrata Morren, 1830 (basis of record)
Cryptomonas erosa Ehrenberg, 1832 (basis of record)
Cryptomonas ovata Ehrenberg, 1832 (basis of record)
Cyclotella glomerata H.Bachmann, 1911 (basis of record)
Cyclotella kützingiana Thwaites accepted as Cyclotella kuetzingiana Thwaites, 1848 accepted as Pantocsekiella kuetzingiana (Thwaites, 1848) K.T. Kiss & Ács, 2016 (basis of record)
Cylindrotheca gracilis (Brébisson ex Kützing) Grunow, 1882 (basis of record)
Cymbella affinis Kützing, 1844 (basis of record)
Cymbella aspera (Ehrenberg) Cleve, 1894 (basis of record)
Cymbella cistula (Ehrenberg) O.Kirchner, 1878 accepted as Bacillaria cistula Ehrenberg, 1828 (basis of record)
Cymbella cymbiformis C.Agardh, 1830 (basis of record)
Cymbella ehrenbergii Kützing, 1844 † (basis of record)
Cymbella gracilis (Ehrenberg) Kützing, 1844 accepted as Cocconema gracile Ehrenberg, 1841 (basis of record)
Cymbella lanceolata (C.Agardh) Kirchner, 1878 accepted as Brebissonia lanceolata (C.Agardh) Mahoney & Reimer, 1986 accepted as Gomphonema lanceolatum C.Agardh, 1831 (basis of record)
Cymbella prostrata (Berkeley) Cleve, 1894 accepted as Monema prostratum Berkeley, 1832 (basis of record)
Cymbella turgida W.Gregory, 1856 (basis of record)
Cymbella ventricosa (C.Agardh) C.Agardh, 1830 accepted as Frustulia ventricosa C.Agardh, 1827 (basis of record)
Dactylococcopsis rhaphidioides Hansgirg, 1888 (basis of record)
Diatoma elongatum (Lyngbye) C.A. Agardh, 1824 accepted as Diatoma tenue var. elongatum Lyngbye, 1819 (basis of record)
Diatoma elongatum subsp. tenuis (Agardh) Van Heurck accepted as Diatoma tenue C. Agardh, 1812 (basis of record)
Diatoma vulgare Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1831 accepted as Diatoma vulgaris Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1824 (basis of record)
Dictyosphaerium pulchellum H.C.Wood, 1873 accepted as Mucidosphaerium pulchellum (H.C.Wood) C.Bock, Proschold & Krienitz, 2011 (basis of record)
Diploneis coffeiformis (Schmidt) Cleve, 1894 (basis of record)
Diploneis crabro (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg, 1854 accepted as Pinnularia crabro Ehrenberg, 1844 (basis of record)
Diploneis ovalis (Hilse) Cleve, 1891 accepted as Pinnularia ovalis Hilse, 1860 (basis of record)
Diploneis ovalis subsp. oblongella (Naegeli in Kützing) Cleve, 1894 accepted as Diploneis oblongella (Nägeli ex Kützing) Cleve-Euler, 1922 accepted as Navicula oblongella var. oblongella Naegeli in Kutzing, 1849 (basis of record)
Diploneis puella (Schumann) Cleve, 1894 accepted as Navicula puella Schumann, 1867 (basis of record)
Diploneis smithii (Brébisson) Cleve, 1894 accepted as Navicula smithii f. smithii Brébisson in W. Smith, 1856 (basis of record)
Diploneis vacillans (A.Schmidt) Cleve, 1894 accepted as Navicula vacillans f. vacillans Schmidt in Schmidt et al., 1875 (basis of record)
Epithemia sorex Kützing, 1844 (basis of record)
Epithemia zebra (Ehrenberg) Kützing, 1844 accepted as Navicula zebra Ehrenberg, 1833 (basis of record)
Euglena tripteris (Dujardin) Diesing, 1850 accepted as Lepocinclis tripteris (Dujardin) B.Marin & Melkonian, 2003 (basis of record)
Eunotia arcus Ehrenberg, 1837 (basis of record)
Fragilaria capucina Desmazières, 1830 (basis of record)
Fragilaria construens (Ehrenberg) Grunow, 1862 (basis of record)
Fragilaria crotonensis Kitton, 1869 (basis of record)
Fragilaria intermedia (Grunow) Grunow in Van Heurck, 1881 (basis of record)
Golenkinia radiata Chodat, 1894 (basis of record)
Blankenberge for Anabaena constricta (Szafer) Geitler, 1925 
Blankenberge for Anabaena flos-aquae Brébisson ex Bornet & Flauhault, 1886 
Blankenberge for Anabaena hassallii Wittrock ex Lemmermann, 1907 
Blankenberge for Anabaenopsis circularis (G.S.West) Wołoszyńska & V.V.Miller, 1923 
Blankenberge for Chroococcus dispersus (Keissler) Lemmermann, 1904 
Blankenberge for Chroococcus limneticus Lemmermann, 1898 
Blankenberge for Chroococcus minutus (Kützing) Nägeli, 1849 
Blankenberge for Chroococcus turgidus (Kützing) Nägeli, 1849 
Blankenberge for Coelosphaerium dubium Grunow, 1865 
Blankenberge for Coelosphaerium naegelianum Unger, 1854 
Blankenberge for Dactylococcopsis rhaphidioides Hansgirg, 1888 
Blankenberge for Gomphosphaeria lacustris Chodat, 1898 
Blankenberge for Merismopedia tenuissima Lemmermann, 1898 
Blankenberge for Microcystis flos-aquae (Wittrock) Kirchner, 1898 
Blankenberge for Oscillatoria chlorina Kützing ex Gomont, 1892 
Blankenberge for Oscillatoria limosa C.Agardh ex Gomont, 1892 
Blankenberge for Oscillatoria tenuis C.Agardh ex Gomont, 1892 
Blankenberge for Trochiscia reticularis (Reinsch) Hansgirg, 1888 
Nieuwpoort for Anabaena constricta (Szafer) Geitler, 1925 
Nieuwpoort for Anabaena variabilis Kützing ex Bornet & Flahault, 1886 
Nieuwpoort for Aphanocapsa delicatissima West & G.S.West, 1912 
Nieuwpoort for Aphanocapsa elachista West & G.S.West, 1894 
Nieuwpoort for Chroococcus dispersus (Keissler) Lemmermann, 1904 
Nieuwpoort for Chroococcus limneticus Lemmermann, 1898 
Nieuwpoort for Chroococcus turgidus (Kützing) Nägeli, 1849 
Nieuwpoort for Coelosphaerium naegelianum Unger, 1854 
Nieuwpoort for Dactylococcopsis rhaphidioides Hansgirg, 1888 
Nieuwpoort for Gomphosphaeria aponina Kützing, 1836 
Nieuwpoort for Gomphosphaeria lacustris Chodat, 1898 
Nieuwpoort for Merismopedia glauca (Ehrenberg) Kützing, 1845 
Nieuwpoort for Merismopedia punctata Meyen, 1839 
Nieuwpoort for Merismopedia tenuissima Lemmermann, 1898 
Nieuwpoort for Microcoleus subtorulosus Gomont ex Gomont, 1892 
Nieuwpoort for Microcystis aeruginosa (Kützing) Kützing, 1846 
Nieuwpoort for Microcystis flos-aquae (Wittrock) Kirchner, 1898 
Nieuwpoort for Microcystis wesenbergii (Komárek) Komárek ex Komárek, 2006 
Nieuwpoort for Oscillatoria chlorina Kützing ex Gomont, 1892 
Nieuwpoort for Oscillatoria limosa C.Agardh ex Gomont, 1892 
Nieuwpoort for Oscillatoria planctonica Woloszynska, 1912 
Nieuwpoort for Oscillatoria tenuis C.Agardh ex Gomont, 1892 
Nieuwpoort for Trochiscia granulata (Reinsch) Hansgirg, 1888 
Nieuwpoort for Trochiscia reticularis (Reinsch) Hansgirg, 1888 
Nieuwpoort for Trochiscia zachariasii Lemmermann, 1903 
Oostende for Dactylococcopsis rhaphidioides Hansgirg, 1888 
Oostende for Merismopedia punctata Meyen, 1839 
Oostende for Merismopedia tenuissima Lemmermann, 1898 
Oostende for Microcystis flos-aquae (Wittrock) Kirchner, 1898 
Oostende for Oscillatoria chlorina Kützing ex Gomont, 1892 
Oostende for Oscillatoria tenuis C.Agardh ex Gomont, 1892 
Oostende for Pleurocapsa minor Hansgirg, 1891 
Oostende for Trochiscia aspera (Reinsch) Hansgirg, 1888 

(Ehrenberg) Kützing in Louis & Petes (1979) [details]


Spelled as Streptotheca thamesis in Louis & Petes (1979) [details]

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