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Gutu, M. (2006). New Apseudomorph Taxa (Crustacea, Tanaidacea) of the World Ocean. Curtea Veche, Bucharest, Romania.
Gutu, M.
New Apseudomorph Taxa (Crustacea, Tanaidacea) of the World Ocean
Curtea Veche, Bucharest, Romania
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Apseudes Leach, 1814 (taxonomy source)
Apseudes africanus orientalis Bacescu, 1961 accepted as Apseudes orientalis Bacescu, 1961 (taxonomy source)
Apseudes albidus Bacescu, 1984 (new combination reference)
Apseudes orientalis Bacescu, 1961 (new combination reference)
Apseudes spinosus albidus Bacescu, 1984 accepted as Apseudes albidus Bacescu, 1984 (taxonomy source)
Apseudidae Leach, 1814 (taxonomy source)
Apseudinae Leach, 1814 (taxonomy source)
Apseudoidea Leach, 1814 (taxonomy source)
Apseudomorpha (taxonomy source)
Apseudopsis Norman, 1899 (taxonomy source)
Apseudopsis acutifrons (Sars, 1882) (new combination reference)
Apseudopsis elisae (Bacescu, 1961) (new combination reference)
Apseudopsis hastifrons (Norman & Stebbing, 1886) (new combination reference)
Apseudopsis latreillii (Milne Edwards, 1828) (new combination reference)
Apseudopsis mediterraneus (Bacescu, 1961) (new combination reference)
Apseudopsis robustus (Sars, 1882) accepted as Apseudes robustus Sars, 1882 (new combination reference)
Apseudopsis uncidigitatus (Norman & Stebbing, 1886) (new combination reference)
Kalliapseudes Stebbing, 1910 (taxonomy source)
Kalliapseudinae Lang, 1956 (taxonomy source)
Leviapseudinae Sieg, 1983 (taxonomy source)
Metapseudinae Lang, 1970 (taxonomy source)
Muramura Gutu, 2006 accepted as Muramurina Gutu, 2007 accepted as Apseudes Leach, 1814 (original description)
Muramura intermedia (Hansen, 1895) accepted as Muramurina intermedia (Hansen, 1895) accepted as Gollumudes intermedius (Hansen, 1895) accepted as Paradoxapseudes intermedius (Hansen, 1895) (new combination reference)
Obscurapseudes Gutu, 2006 (original description)
Obscurapseudes graciloides (Stephensen, 1915) (new combination reference)
Parapseudidae Gutu, 1981 (taxonomy source)
Pectinapseudes Bacescu & Williams, 1988 (taxonomy source)
Pectinapseudes (Impectinatus) Gutu, 2006 (original description)
Pectinapseudes (Impectinatus) sicilianus (Bacescu, 1980) (new combination reference)
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