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Evcen, A.; Cinar, M.E. (2015). Bioeroding sponge species (Porifera) in the Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean). J. Black Sea/Mediterranean Environment. 21 (3): 285-306.
Evcen, A.; Cinar, M.E.
Bioeroding sponge species (Porifera) in the Aegean Sea (Eastern Mediterranean)
J. Black Sea/Mediterranean Environment
21 (3): 285-306
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In the present study, a total of 11 bioeroding sponge species belonging to 4 families were found on rocky substrata in Ildiri Bay (eastern Mediterranean), five of which (Dotona pulchella mediterranea, Volzia albicans, Delectona madreporica, Siphonodictyon infestum and Thoosa mollis) are new records for the eastern Mediterranean fauna. The most abundant and frequent species in the area were Chondrosia reniformis, Spirastrella cuntatrix and Cliona celata. The morphological and distributional features of the species that are new to the Turkish marine fauna are presented. In addition, a checklist of the bioeroding sponge species reported from the Mediterranean coasts to date is provided.
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