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Hubrecht, A. A. W. (1879). The Genera of European Nemerteans critically revised, with description of several new species. Notes of the Leyden Museum, 1: 193-233
Hubrecht, A. A. W.
The Genera of European Nemerteans critically revised, with description of several new species
Notes of the Leyden Museum
1: 193-233
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Hubrecht (7) describes as new Cephalotrix signata (p. 207), Polia curta (p. 209), P. minor (id.), Cerebratulus pantherinus (p. 212), C. dohrni (p. 215), C. grubii (id.), C. tristis (p. 216), C. hepaticus (p. 217), Amphiporus dubius (p. 222), A. marmoratus (p. 223), A. pugnax (p. 224), Tetrastemma diadema (p. 228), T. octo-punctatum (p. 229), OErstedia vittata (p. 229), O. unicolor (p. 230), Nemertes marioni (p. 231). The characters of OErstedia, Quatrefages, are emended. Langia, g. n., representative of the Langiidoe, "the margins of the body are slightly frilled, and lapped up over the back, which takes the aspect of a partly closed tube from the head to the tail;" for Langia formosa, sp. n. .Hubrecht (7) proposes to divide the order Nemertini into three sub-orders, with the following families:[long dash] I.[long dash]Paloeonemertini. Fam. Cephalotrichidoe. Fam. Carinellidoe. Fam. Valenciniidoe. Fam. Poliidoe. II.-Schizonemertini. Fam. Lineidoe. Fam. Langiidae. III.-Hoplonemertini. Fam. Amphiporidoe. Fam. Tetrastemmidoe. Fam. Nemertidoe. An analytical and a phylogenetic table are given. It is shown that the genus Lobilabrum, De Blainville, was "established on a specimen the tip of whose snout had been abnormally severed by an oyster," The number of Enropean species of Nemertini is stated to be 57.
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