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Bebbington, A., 1977. Aplysiid species from eastern Australia with notes on the Pacific Ocean Aplysiomorpha (Gastropoda, Opistobranchia). Trans. Zool. Soc. Lond. 34 1: 87-147.
Forty-four species of the opisthobranch order Aplysiomorpha have been recorded from the Indo-Pacific. Nineteen species from the Indian Ocean, 17 species from the Pacific Ocean north west, 15 species from the North Pacific north east, 22 species from the South Pacific west, and seven species from the South Pacific east. Aplysia parvula, A. juliana, Dolabella auricularia-, and Dolabrifera dolabrifera- have been recorded from each of the areas and it would not be surprising if Aplysia dactylomela, Notarchus indicus, Stylocheilus longicauda- and Bursatella leachi- were ultimately found in all the areas. In order to stimulate collectors to examine their specimens more closely it would be useful at this state to summarize what little is known about the parasites and predators of adult aplysiids. The secretion from the mantle (purple) glands was said by Eales (1921) to produce an efficient smokescreen when danger threatens. The acrid secretion from the opaline gland was said to protect Aplysia- from predators
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