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Scott, F.J.; Marchant, H.J. (Ed.). (2005). Antarctic marine protists. Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra. ISBN 0-642-56835-9. 563 pp.
Scott, F.J.; Marchant, H.J. (Ed.)
Antarctic marine protists
Australian Biological Resources Study: Canberra
ISBN 0-642-56835-9. 563 pp
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Ant'Phipoda Literature database
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Acanthocorbis unguiculata (Thomsen) Hara & Takahashi, 1984 (additional source)
Acanthoeca brevipoda W.Ellis, 1930 (additional source)
Acanthoeca spectabilis W.N.Ellis, 1930 (additional source)
Acanthoecopsis asymmetrica Thomsen (additional source)
Acanthostomella norvegica (Daday, 1887) (basis of record)
Achnanthes brevipes C.Agardh, 1824 (additional source)
Actinocyclus divisus (Grunow) Hustedt, 1958 accepted as Coscinodiscus divisus var. divisus Grunow, 1878 (basis of record)
Actinocyclus octonarius Ehrenberg, 1837 accepted as Actinoptychus octonarius (Ehrenberg) Kützing, 1844 accepted as Actinocyclus octonarius var. octonarius Ehrenberg, 1837 (additional source)
Actinoptychus senarius (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg, 1843 accepted as Actinocyclus senarius Ehrenberg, 1838 (additional source)
Alexandrium tamarense (Lebour) Balech, 1995 (additional source)
Anisonema prosgeobium Skuja, 1939 (additional source)
Asteromphalus C.G. Ehrenberg, 1844 (additional source)
Asteromphalus heptactis (Brébisson) Ralfs, 1861 (additional source)
Asteromphalus hookeri Ehrenberg, 1844 (additional source)
Asteromphalus hyalinus Karsten, 1905 (basis of record)
Azpeitia nodulifera (A.W.F.Schmidt) G.A.Fryxell & P.A.Sims, 1986 (additional source)
Berkeleya rutilans (Trentepohl ex Roth) Grunow, 1880 (additional source)
Bicosta antennigera Moestrup, 1979 (additional source)
Bicosta spinifera (Throndsen) Leadbeater, 1978 (additional source)
Blepharocysta splendor-maris (Ehrenberg) F.Stein, 1883 (additional source)
Bodo curvifilus Griessmann, 1913 (additional source)
Cafeteria roenbergensis Fenchel & D.J.Patterson, 1988 (additional source)
Calliacantha natans (Grøntved) Leadbeater, 1978 (additional source)
Calliacantha simplex Manton & Oates, 1979 (additional source)
Caneosphaera molischii (Schiller) Gaarder, 1977 accepted as Syracosphaera molischii J.Schiller, 1925 (additional source)
Ceratium extensum (Gourret) Cleve-Euler, 1900 accepted as Tripos extensus (Gourret) F.Gómez, 2013 (additional source)
Ceratium fusus (Ehrenberg) Dujardin, 1841 accepted as Tripos fusus (Ehrenberg) F.Gómez, 2013 (additional source)
Ceratium lineatum (Ehrenberg) Cleve, 1899 accepted as Tripos lineatus (Ehrenberg) F.Gómez, 2013 (additional source)
Ceratium pentagonum Gourret, 1883 accepted as Tripos pentagonus (Gourret) F.Gómez, 2013 (additional source)
Ceratium tripos (O.F.Müller) Nitzsch, 1817 accepted as Tripos muelleri Bory de Saint-Vincent, 1826 (additional source)
Chaetoceros atlanticus Cleve, 1873 (additional source)
Chaetoceros brevis F.Schütt, 1895 (additional source)
Chaetoceros castracanei Karsten, 1905 (basis of record)
Chaetoceros concavicornis Mangin, 1917 (additional source)
Chaetoceros convolutus Castracane, 1886 (additional source)
Chaetoceros criophilus Gran, 1904 (additional source)
Chaetoceros curvisetus Cleve, 1889 (additional source)
Chaetoceros debilis Cleve, 1894 emend Xu, Y.Li & Lundholm in Xu et al., 2020 (additional source)
Chaetoceros dichaeta Ehrenberg, 1844 (additional source)
Chaetoceros laciniosus F.Schütt, 1895 (additional source)
Chaetoceros neogracilis VanLand., 1968 (additional source)
Chaetoceros peruvianus Brightwell, 1856 (additional source)
Chaetoceros radicans F.Schütt, 1895 (additional source)
Chaetoceros simplex Ostenfeld, 1902 (additional source)
Chaetoceros socialis H.S.Lauder, 1864 (additional source)
Chaetoceros tortissimus Gran, 1900 (additional source)
Chlamydodontida (basis of record)
Choreotrichida (basis of record)
Chrysochromulina acantha Leadbeater & Manton, 1971 (additional source)
Chrysochromulina bergenensis (basis of record)
Chrysochromulina chiton Parke & Manton, 1958 accepted as Prymnesium chiton (Parke & Manton) Edvardsen, Eikrem & Probert, 2011 (additional source)
Chrysochromulina ericina Parke & Manton, 1956 accepted as Haptolina ericina (Parke & Manton) Edvardsen & Eikrem, 2011 (additional source)
Chrysochromulina hirta Manton, 1978 accepted as Haptolina hirta (Manton) Edvardsen & Eikrem, 2011 (additional source)
Chrysochromulina leadbeateri Estep, Davis, Hargreaves & Sieburth, 1984 (additional source)
Chrysochromulina polylepis Manton & Parke, 1962 accepted as Prymnesium polylepis (Manton & Parke) Edvardsen, Eikrem & Probert, 2011 (additional source)
Codonellopsis pusilla (Cleve) Jörgensen, 1924 (basis of record)
Condylostoma remanei Spiegel, 1928 (basis of record)
Corethron pennatum (Grunow) Ostenfeld, 1909 (basis of record)
Coscinodiscus asteromphalus Ehrenberg, 1844 (additional source)
Coscinodiscus centralis Ehrenberg, 1844 (additional source)
Coscinodiscus marginatus Ehrenberg, 1844 (additional source)
Coscinodiscus oculus-iridis (Ehrenberg) Ehrenberg, 1840 (basis of record)
Coscinodiscus radiatus Ehrenberg, 1840 (additional source)
Coscinodiscus subtilis Ehrenberg, 1841 (additional source)
Cosmoeca norvegica Thomsen, 1984 (additional source)
Cosmoeca ventricosa Thomsen, 1984 (additional source)
Crinolina aperta (Leadbeater) Thomsen, 1976 (basis of record)
Cyclotrichium Meunier, 1910 (basis of record)
Cylindrotheca closterium (Ehrenberg) Reimann & J.C.Lewin, 1964 (additional source)
Dactyliosolen antarcticus Castracane, 1886 (additional source)
Diaphanoeca grandis Ellis, 1930 (additional source)
Diaphanoeca pedicellata Leadbeater, 1972 (additional source)
Diaphanoeca sphaerica Thomsen, 1982 (additional source)
Dictyocha fibula Ehrenberg, 1839 † (additional source)
Dictyocha speculum Ehrenberg, 1839 accepted as Octactis speculum (Ehrenberg) F.H.Chang, J.M.Grieve & J.E.Sutherland, 2017 (additional source)
Dinophysis contracta (Kofoid & Skogsberg) Balech, 1973 (additional source)
Dinophysis operculoides (Schütt) Balech, 1967 (additional source)
Dinophysis ovum Schütt, 1895 sensu Martin, 1929 accepted as Dinophysis fortii Pavillard, 1924 (additional source)
Dinophysis punctata Jörgensen, 1923 (additional source)
Diophrys appendiculata (Ehrenberg, 1838) Schewiakoff, 1893 (basis of record)
Diophrys scutum (Dujardin, 1841) Kahl, 1932 (additional source)
Diplopsalis lenticula Bergh, 1882 (additional source)
Emiliania W.W.Hay & H.P.Mohler, 1967 (additional source)
Emiliania huxleyi (Lohmann) W.W.Hay & H.Mohler, 1967 accepted as Gephyrocapsa huxleyi (Lohmann) P.Reinhardt, 1972 (additional source)
Entomoneis kjellmanii (Cleve) Poulin & Cardinal, 1983 accepted as Amphiprora kjellmanii var. kjellmanii Cleve in Cleve & Grunow, 1880 (additional source)
Ephemera T.B.B. Paddock, 1988 (basis of record)
Ephemera planamembranacea (Hendey) Paddock, 1988 accepted as Navicula planamembranacea Hendey, 1964 (basis of record)
Eucampia antarctica (Castracane) Mangin, 1915 accepted as Moelleria antarctica Castracane, 1886 accepted as Neomoelleria antarctica (Castrac.) S.Blanco & C.E.Wetzel, 2016 (basis of record)
Euplotida (basis of record)
Exogenida (basis of record)
Folliculina Lamarck, 1816 (basis of record)
Folliculina ampulla O.F. Müller, 1773 (basis of record)
Fragilariopsis cylindrus (Grunow) Krieger, 1954 (additional source)
Fragilariopsis pseudonana (Hasle) Hasle, 1993 (basis of record)
Gonyaulax digitale Lemmermann, 1899 accepted as Gonyaulax digitale (Pouchet) Kofoid, 1911 (additional source)
Gonyaulax scrippsae Kofoid, 1911 (additional source)
Guinardia cylindrus (Cleve) Hasle, 1996 accepted as Rhizosolenia cylindrus Cleve, 1897 (additional source)
Guinardia tubiformis (G.R.Hasle) Hasle, 1996 accepted as Rhizosolenia tubiformis G.R.Hasle, 1975 (basis of record)
Gyrodinium lacryma (Meunier) Kofoid & Swezy, 1921 (additional source)
Hemidiscus cuneiformis Wallich, 1860 (additional source)
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