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Imajima, Minoru. (1966). The Syllidae (polychaetous annelids) from Japan. IV. Syllinae (1). Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory. 14(3): 219-252.
Imajima, Minoru
The Syllidae (polychaetous annelids) from Japan. IV. Syllinae (1)
Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory
14(3): 219-252
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
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None, from introduction: Trypanosyllis (Trypanoseta) lmajima and Hartman ( 1964) is referred to Geminosyllis new genus because the body is cylindrical and the pharynx has a trepan. Seven species of Syllinae previously reported (Fauvel, 1934) from Seto and Misaki are revised (below): Syllis (Typosyllis) Krohnii and Syllis (Typosyllis) fasciata = Typosyllis ehlersioides Marenzeller; Syllis (Typosyllis) exilis = Typosyllis maculata n. sp.; Syllis (Typosyllis) closterobranchia= Typosyllis aciculata orientalis lmajima and Hartman; Syllis ( Typosyllis) torquata = Typosyllis monilata n. sp.; Syllis (Typosyllis) inflata = Typosyllis nipponica n. sp. and Trypanosyllis zebra= Trypanosyllis (Trypanedenta) taeniaformis (Haswell).
[Abstract of Parts I-V:]
The Syllidae of Japan are named with 77 species and 7 subspecies in 20 genera, 5 subgenera and 4 subfamilies; 2 others in 2 genera are not determined specifically. One new genus, 1 new subgenus, 31 new species or subspecies and 5 new combinations are given. 21 species or subspecies are new to Japanese waters. One genus, Geminosyllis is erected from Syllinae and one new subgenus, Regulatus is named in Autolytus. 46 species or subspecies, 53.4%, are currently known only from Japan, 40 others are known also from other areas.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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