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Riser, Nathan W. 2000. Podarke aberrans Webster & Benedict, 1887 - resolution, with descriptions of two new species in the genus Microphthalmus (Annelida: Polychaeta). Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 113(2): 514-525.
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Reference is made to individuals with "fan-shaped" caudal appendages from two different regions in the Gulf of Maine and to two different life-history stages in the original description of Microphthalmus aberrans (= Podarke aberrans Webster & Benedict, 1887). Intertidal meiofaunal investigations in the region over the past forty years have yielded three species that correspond to parts of the description. Two fragments of the "adult form" labeled Type, from Eastport, Maine, upon which most of the type description is based, exist as one of the syntype slides deposited by Webster & Benedict in the National Museum of Natural History. The species has been encountered occasionally in clean coarse sand beaches along the coast of Maine, and in the subtidal of Nahant Bay, Massachusetts. A second species with a fimbriate anal lamella, M. aggregatus n.sp., occurs in the intertidal of Cape Cod Bay, Massachusetts. The "half grown specimens", M. pettiboneae n.sp., to which the epithet aberrans has been incorrectly applied, is also present among the syntype slides, and has been collected in intertidal samples from New Brunswick, Canada to the south shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.
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