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Cypridinidae Baird, 1850

127481  (

Subfamily Azygocypridininae Kornicker, 1970
  » Genus Azygocypridina Sylvester-Bradley, 1950
  » Genus Crossophorus Brady, 1880 accepted as Azygocypridina Sylvester-Bradley, 1950 (Homonym of Crossophorus Hemprich and Ehrenburg, 1828 (Nematoda))
Subfamily Cypridininae Baird, 1850
  » Tribe Cypridinini Baird, 1850
    » Genus Cypridina Milne Edwards, 1840
    » Genus Doloria Skogsberg, 1920
    » Genus Macrocypridina Skogsberg, 1920
    » Genus Paradoloria Poulsen, 1962
    » Genus Skogsbergia Poulsen, 1962
    » Genus Vargula Skogsberg, 1920
  » Tribe Gigantocypridinini Hartmann, 1974
    » Genus Gigantocypris Müller, 1895
marine, brackish, terrestrial
Not documented
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