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Promesostoma Graff, 1882

142412  (

none (type not designated)
Species Promesostoma balticum Luther, 1918
Species Promesostoma bilineatum Pereyaslawzewa, 1892
Species Promesostoma bipartitum Ax, 1956
Species Promesostoma caligulatum Ax, 1952
Species Promesostoma cochleare Karling, 1935
Species Promesostoma dennisalleni Ax, 1995
Species Promesostoma digitosum Ax, 1995
Species Promesostoma ensifer (Uljanin, 1870) Pereyaslawzewa, 1892
Species Promesostoma gallicum Ax, 1956
Species Promesostoma gracile Ax, 1951
Species Promesostoma karlingi Ehlers, 1974
Species Promesostoma kergroixense Ehlers & Sopott-Ehlers, 1989
Species Promesostoma maculosum Ax, 1956
Species Promesostoma marmoratum (Schultze, 1851) Graff, 1882
Species Promesostoma meixneri Ax, 1951
Species Promesostoma minutum Ax, 1956
Species Promesostoma neglectum Karling, 1967
Species Promesostoma norvegicum Karling, 1967
Species Promesostoma nynaesiense Karling, 1957
Species Promesostoma paracochleare Ax, 1952
Species Promesostoma rostratum Ax, 1951
Species Promesostoma serpentistylum Ax, 1952
Species Promesostoma spiriferum Karling, 1967

Species Promesostoma digitosa Ax, 1995 accepted as Promesostoma digitosum Ax, 1995 (Adjusted to gender of genus (according to ICZN Art.31.2.), following ICZN Art.34.2.)
Species Promesostoma ericae Faubel, 1980 accepted as Promesostoma caligulatum Ax, 1952
Species Promesostoma gracilis Ax, 1951 accepted as Promesostoma gracile Ax, 1951 (Wrong gender of epithet. Promesostoma is neuter. Therefore, following Art 31.2 and 34.2 of ICZN the gender shoud be adjusted.)
Species Promesostoma murmanicum Graff, 1905 accepted as Vejdovskya murmanica (Graff, 1905) Luther, 1948 accepted as Pogaina murmanica (Graff, 1905) Marcus, 1954
Species Promesostoma negletum accepted as Promesostoma neglectum Karling, 1967 (Literature misspelling by Faubel & Noreña (2001))

Species Promesostoma ovoideum (Schmidt, 1852) Graff, 1882 (uncertain > taxon inquirendum)
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
recent only
Not documented
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