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Language Name Name source
EnglishEnglandSAIL (look up in RoR)   
PlaceType Country 
Latitude 52° 29' 14.6" N (52.4874°)  
Longitude 2° 20' 38.4" W (-2.344°)  
Precision 461873 meter 
Min. Lat 49° 9' 53.6" N (49.1649°)  
Min. Long 6° 27' 3.2" W (-6.4509°)  
Max. Lat 55° 48' 35.6" N (55.8099°)  
Max. Long 1° 45' 46.4" E (1.7629°)  
Source SAIL (look up in RoR)
Part of  United Kingdom (Nation)  [view hierarchy]   
Datasets covering
the whole area
Cefas01 - Structure of sublittoral nematode assemblages around the UK coast
Cefas02 - Structure of sublittoral nematode assemblages at four offshore stations around the UK
Cefas07 - Effects of simulated deposition of dredged material on structure of nematode assemblages - the role of burial
Cefas08 - Effects of simulated deposition of dredged material on structure of nematode assemblages - the role of contamination
Cefas09 - Effects of paint-derived tributyltin (TBT) on structure of estuarine nematode assemblages in experimental microcosms
Cefas10 - Effects of physical disturbance on nematodes communities in sand and mud
Marine Nature Conservation Review (MNCR) and associated benthic marine data held and managed by English Nature
Marine Nature Conservation Review Database
The species directory of the marine fauna and flora of the British Isles and surrounding seas
Datasets covering
part of the area
Cefas06 - Effects of various types of disturbances on nematode communities (Cornwall, Exe Estuary)
Cullercoats Marine Fauna (North East England)
European estuarine nematodes (Tamar Estuary)
Experimental effects of TBT on meiobenthic communities (Cornwall, Exe Estuary)
Meiofauna from Lynher estuary in microcosms with contaminated sediment from the Fal estuary (Cornwall)
Nematoda and Copepoda from the Fal estuary (Falmouth Bay)
Nematodes from the Exe Estuary (microcosm experiments) (Exe Estuary)
Nematodes from the Lynher Estuary (microcosm experiments) (Cornwall)
Offshore nematodes from Rame and in microcosm experiment (exposure to metals) (Plymouth)
Ross Coral Mapping Project - NBN South West Pilot Project Case Studies (Dorset)
Seabird nearshore winter survey in South-West England 1994-95 (Cornwall, Devon)
SMRU Grey Seal UK 1991-1993 (North East England)
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