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Status Proposed standard Proposed standard
Language Name Name source
EnglishSouthern OceanIHO 23-3rd: Limits of Oceans and Seas, Special Publication 23, 3rd Edition 1953, published by the International Hydrographic Organization.   
EnglishGreat Southern OceanWikipedia   
EnglishAntarctic OceanWikipedia   
EnglishSouth Polar OceanWikipedia   
PlaceType IHO Sea Area 
Latitude 68° 2' 23.3" S (-68.03981889°)  
Longitude 26° 37' 58.3" W (-26.63285801°)  
Precision 1416483 meter 
Min. Lat 85° 33' 45" S (-85.5625°)  
Min. Long 180° 0' 0" W (-180°)  
Max. Lat 60° 0' 0" S (-60°)  
Max. Long 180° 0' 0" E (180°)  
Source ASFA thesaurus, available online at
Part of  World Oceans (World)  [view hierarchy]   
Shapefile [download] or view the complete IHO Sea Area shapefile
Datasets covering
the whole area
Antarctic Ocean Biogeographic Information System
National Museum of Natural History Invertebrate Zoology Collections
The Register of Antarctic Marine Species
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