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Status Proposed standard Proposed standard
Language Name Name source
EnglishScheldtASFA thesaurus   
PlaceType Stream 
Latitude 50° 50' 37" N (50.84360123°)  
Longitude 3° 52' 32" E (3.87554991°)  
Precision 69916 meter 
Min. Lat 50° 18' 44.3" N (50.3123°)  
Min. Long 3° 20' 36.6" E (3.3435°)  
Max. Lat 51° 22' 29.6" N (51.3749°)  
Max. Long 4° 24' 27.4" E (4.4076°)  
Source ASFA thesaurus, available online at

Streams through  Belgium (Nation)  [view hierarchy]   
Rises  France (Nation)  [view hierarchy]   
Streams through  Netherlands (Nation)  [view hierarchy]   
Flows out  North Sea (IHO Sea Area)  [view hierarchy]   
Dataset covering
the whole area
Historical hyperbenthos data (1987-2001) from the North Sea and some adjacent areas
Datasets covering
part of the area
Biogeography Scheldt Estuary (Zeeschelde, Westerschelde, Scheldt Estuary)
Biomonitoring of macrobenthos in the Westerschelde. (Westerschelde)
DONAR (Honte, Schaar van Waarde, Schaar van Ouden Doel)
Ecological hyperbenthic data of the Scheldt estuary: historical data (1988-2001) (Zeeschelde, Hooge Springer, Schaar van Spijkerplaat, Springergeul, Platen van Ossenisse, Schaar van Waarde, Zuidergat, Platen van Valkenisse, Overloop van Valkenisse, Appelzak, Verdronken Land van Saeftinge, Pas van Baarland, Geul van de Spijkerplaat, Scheldt Estuary)
European estuarine nematodes (Scheldt Estuary)
Free-living nematodes in a brackish tidal flat of the Westerschelde (Westerschelde, Scheldt Estuary)
IMP [Fish Westerschelde] (Westerschelde)
Spatial heterogeneity of nematodes on an intertidal flat in the Westerschelde Estuary (Molenplaat, Scheldt Estuary)
Tidal migration of nematodes on an estuarine tidal flat in the Western Scheldt (Molenplaat, Scheldt Estuary)
Transfer of bacterial carbon to the benthic fauna - INVERSE (Molenplaat, Scheldt Estuary)
ZeeMove (Westerschelde)
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