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Somlit Station
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Flag of France
              Candidate Reference Site

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An offshore station.



The "Station Biologique de Roscoff" (SBR) is a research and teaching institute in marine biology and oceanography frequented since more than 128 years by foreign students and scientists (see The permanent staff is composed of 37 scientists, 24 PhD students and 48 engineers and technicians. The SBR is well equipped in all modern facilities and equipments, including a 90-room hotel and a conference room for 120 people.

Available database and website:

Bi-monthly survey of temperature and salinity since 1952, and of 7 other sea water parameters (pH, oxygen, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate,silica) since 1985. Somlit: from 0-50 meters depth. Niskin bottles

Additional Information:

An extensive list of references is available as a hard copy. Estacade and Somlit stations were proposed together as a single reference site.