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Vacancy Details

Job/Stage details
Vacancy Title POST-DOC POSITION - Hunting viral giants in the sea
Country of employment France
Job description Giant viruses (we call “Giruses”) are large DNA viruses. The amoeba infecting Mimivirus holds the current record with its 0.7 ¼m-particle and 1.2 Mbp-genome (1). Recent evidences suggest that there are many giruses similar to mimivirus in the sea (2). Towards characterizing the genetic/species diversity of marine girues and their protist hosts and to discover new giruses, we have now embarked on an expedition aiming to collect giruses/protists and their genetic material at a global scale, in a framework of international collaborative projects (3,4). We will assess their genetic/species diversity with the use of state-of-the-art sequencing technologies and bioinformatics. Our ultimate goal is to understand the ecological and evolutionary roles of girus/eukaryote systems in marine environments, and to assess the impact of the on-going climate changes on the microbial communities. The post-doc candidate is expected to take the responsibility for the relevant and essential lab works of this project (metagenomic DNA preparation, girus isolation using amoebae), as well as data mining and scientific production.

Required conditions:
-PhD in microbiology or in virology
-Strong experience in basic molecular works (DNA, PCR, Q-PCR)
-Significant record of productivity
-Team work and cooperative sprit
Experience in metagenomics/environmental sequencing or in viral culture will be advantageous. We are looking for a highly motivated and innovative scientist who can share the enthusiasm in exploring the marine microbial biodiversity, as Charles Darwin and others did to characterize the biodiversity of macro-organisms in 19th century.

Applicants should send a letter of application, CV, and contact information of two references to both of the contact persons below.

Jean-Michel Claverie (
Hiroyuki Ogata (

(1) Raoult D, Audic S, Robert C, Abergel C, Renesto P, Ogata H, La Scola B, Suzan M, Claverie JM.(2004) The 1.2-Mb Genome Sequence of Mimivirus. Science, 306(5700):1344-50. (2004).
(2) Monier A, Claverie JM, Ogata H. Taxonomic distribution of large DNA viruses in the sea. Genome Biol.9 ;7:R106 (2008)
(3) BioMarKs project, financed by BiodivERsA (
(4) TARA OCEANS project:
Vacancy URL  
Contract type Contract duration specified
Daily basis Full Time
Gross salary 2500
Start time  -09-01
Duration of contract 1 year (renewable up to 3 years)
CV submission deadline  -08-30
Last updated on 2009-05-26 by boutte
Contact Details
Contact person Ogata, Hiroyuki
Institute Structural and Genomic Information Laboratory (UPR2589-CNRS)
Address University of the Mediterranean 163 Avenue de Luminy, Case 934 13288 Marseille cedex 9, France

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