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Vacancy Details

Job/Stage details
Vacancy Title Project Manager Marine and Maritime Data and Analysis
Country of employment Denmark
Job description See vacancy url for full details and application procedure

Reporting to the Head of Group on Water issues, reporting to the Head of Programme for Natural Systems and Vulnerability, the Project Manager shall be responsible for providing support to the strategic planning, operational management of information provision and in-depth assessments in the field of marine and coastal management and the environmental aspects of maritime activities.

The area of work will range from the human management of the European coasts and seas with their pressures and impacts on the marine and coastal environment, to relations to maritime and fisheries policies, and marine, maritime and oceanographic information provision. Particular focus will be, on the one hand, on the information provision with regard to marine ecosystem services throughout all sectors and, on the other hand, the information on the environmental effectiveness of measures such as e.g. maritime spatial planning as a main EU policy tool.

The position will entail the following tasks:

Support overall the EEA development and management tasks on integrated assessments on maritime activities and their impact on the marine environment with their necessary underpinning data, analytical methods indicators;
Design and manage related activities such as coordination of data collections, quality assurance and control, indicator developments and assessment products in accordance with the priorities of the EEA Annual Management Plan;
Maintain, upgrade and use established EEA indicators covering maritime and marine environmental aspects;
Provide support and contribute to the building and servicing of marine and maritime information as part of the SEIS;
Steer contributions from the relevant European Topic Centres (Water, Land Use and Spatial Information, Air and Climate Change) to the above functions;
Contribute to general EEA assessments, scenario work and sectoral integration reports;
Support the initiation and maintenance of the necessary networks and partnerships with key external institutional partners, such as the European Commission (DGs MARE, ENV, JRC and Eurostat), ICES, UN bodies, as well as EEA member countries and stakeholders in the field of maritime policy and marine environment;
Support targeted networking with relevant NGOs and relevant economic stakeholders to provide relevant information on maritime and marine management of the European seas and economic activities relying on coastal and open sea resources;
Contribute to communication activities towards EEA clients and the general [public], e.g. in the form of reports, briefings, web and oral presentations.
Vacancy URL
Contract type
Daily basis Full Time
Gross salary
Duration of contract  
CV submission deadline  -04-26
Last updated on 2010-04-09 by emblowchris
Contact Details
Contact person Recruitment, enquires
Institute European Environment Agency
Address Kongens Nytorv 6, DK - 1050 Copenhagen K, Denmark

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