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Register of Resources (RoR)

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Prof. Dr Thompson, Richard, orcid, personal home page, researcherid

Institute  Top | Institute | Publications | Projects 
    University of Plymouth; Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre (MBERC)
    Function: Programme Leader BSc (Hons) Marine Biology School of Marine Science and Engineering

    Direct contact at institute:
    Tel.: +44-(0)1752-58 46 51
    Fax: +44-(0)1752-58 46 05

Projects (2)  Top | Institute | Publications | Projects 
  • Effects of biodiversity on the functioning and stability of marine ecosystems: European scale comparisons, more
  • Innovative coastal technologies for safer European coasts in a changing climate

Publications (10)  Top | Institute | Publications | Projects 
    ( 5 peer reviewed ) split up
  • Baztan, J.; Bergmann, M.; Booth, A.; Broglio, E.; Carrasco, A.; Chouinard, O.; Clüsener Godt, M.; Cordier, M.; Cozar, A.; Devriese, L.; Enevoldsen, H.; Ernsteins, R.; Ferreira-da-Costa, M.; Fossi, M.-C.; Gago, J.; Galgani, F.; Garrabou, J.; Gerdts, G.; Gomez, M.; Gómez-Parra, A.; Gutow, L.; Herrera, A.; Herring, C.; Huck, T.; Huvet, A.; Ivar do Sul, J.A.; Jorgensen, B.; Krzan, A.; Lagardere, F.; Liria, A.; Lusher, A.; Miguelez, A.; Packard, T.; Pahl, S.; Paul-Pont, I.; Peeters, D.; Robbens, J.; Ruiz-Fernández, A.-C.; Runge, J.; Sanchez-Arcilla, A.; Soudant, P.; Surette, C.; Thompson, R.C.; Valdes, L.; Vanderlinden, J.P.; Wallace, N. (2017). Breaking down the plastic age, in: Baztan, J. et al. MICRO 2016: Fate and impact of microplastics in marine ecosystems : from the coastline to the open sea. pp. 177-181.
  • Burcharth, H.F.; Zanuttigh, B.; Thompson, R.C.; Nicholls, R.J.; Vanderlinden, J.P. (Ed.) (2015). Coastal risk management in a changing climate. Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann: Amsterdam. ISBN 978-0-12-397310-8. 670 pp.
  • Peer reviewed article Hanley, M.E.; Hoggart, S.P.G.; Simmonds, D.J.; Bichot, A.; Colangelo, M.A.; Bozzeda, F.; Heurtefeux, H.; Ondiviela, B.; Ostrowski, R.; Recio, M.; Trude, R.; Zawadzka-Kahlau, E.; Thompson, R.C. (2014). Shifting sands? Coastal protection by sand banks, beaches and dunes. Coast. Eng. 87: 136-146.
  • Peer reviewed article Hartley, B.L.; Thompson, R.C.; Pahl, S. (2015). Marine litter education boosts children’s understanding and self-reported actions. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 90(1-2): 209–217.
  • Hoggart, S.; Hawkins, S.J.; Bohn, K.; Airoldi, L.; van Belzen, J.; Bichot, A.; Bilton, D.T.; Bouma, T.J.; Colangelo, M.A.; Davies, A.J.; Ferrario, F.; Firth, L.; Galvan, C.; Hanley, M.; Heurtefeux, H.; Lara, J.L.; Rodriquez, I.L.; Maza, M.; Ondiviela-Eizaguirre, B.; Rundle, S.D.; Skov, M.W.; Strain, E.M.; White, A.; Zhang, L.; Zhu, Z.; Thompson, R.C. (2014). Ecological Approaches to Coastal Risk Mitigation, in: Zanuttigh, B. et al. Coastal Risk Management in a Changing Climate. pp. 171-236.
  • Peer reviewed article Hoggart, S.P.G.; Hanley, M.E.; Parker, D.J.; Simmonds, D.J.; Bilton, D.T.; Filipova-Marinova, M.; Franklin, E.L.; Kotsev, I.; Penning-Rowsell, E.C.; Rundle, S.D.; Trifonova, E.; Vergiev, S.; White, A.C.; Thompson, R.C. (2014). The consequences of doing nothing: The effects of seawater flooding on coastal zones. Coast. Eng. 87: 169-182.
  • Peer reviewed article Kanhai, L.D.K.; Officer, R.; Lyashevska, O.; Thompson, R.C.; O’Connor, I. (2017). Microplastic abundance, distribution and composition along a latitudinal gradient in the Atlantic Ocean. Mar. Pollut. Bull. 115(1-2): 307-314.
  • Pahl, S.; Hartley, B.L.; Thompson, R.C. (2016). Communicating about marine litter: Insights from the European Marlisco Project, in: Seys, J. et al. (Ed.) CommOCEAN2016 - 2nd International Marine Science Communication Conference. 6-7 December 2016. Bruges, Belgium: Book of Abstracts. VLIZ Special Publication, 78: pp. 65
  • Peer reviewed article Taramelli, A.; Valentini, E.; Cornacchia, L.; Mandrone, S.; Monbaliu, J.; Hoggart, S.P.G.; Thompson, R.C.; Zanuttigh, B. (2014). Modeling uncertainty in estuarine system by means of combined approach of optical and radar remote sensing. Coast. Eng. 87(SI): 77-96.
  • Thompson, R.C. (2015). Microplastics in the marine environment: sources, consequences and solutions, in: Bergmann, M. et al. (Ed.) Marine anthropogenic litter. pp. 185-200.

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