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Register of Resources (RoR)

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Prof. Dr Gulliksen, Bjorn

Institutes (2)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Project | Datasets 
  • University of Tromso; Norwegian College of Fisheries Science (NCFS), more
  • Direct contact at institute:
  • The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), more
  • Function: Adjunct Professor, Marine biology

    Direct contact at institute:

Taxonomic term: Echinodermata [WoRMS]

Project  Top | Institutes | Publications | Project | Datasets 
  • Implementation and networking of large-scale long-term marine biodiversity research in Europe, more

Datasets (4)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Project | Datasets 
  • Arctic Benthic Fauna, more
  • Arctic hard-bottom fauna [Jan Mayen I.], more
  • Arctic hard-bottom fauna [Svalbard], more
  • North Norway hard-bottom fauna succession, more

Publications (13)  Top | Institutes | Publications | Project | Datasets 
    ( 8 peer reviewed ) split up
  • Peer reviewed article Camus, L.; Gulliksen, B. (2005). Antioxidant defense properties of Arctic amphipods: comparison between deep-, sublittoral and surface-water species. Mar. Biol. (Berl.) 146(2): 355-362.
  • Cochrane, S.J.; Dahle, S.; Oug, E.; Gulliksen, B.; Denisenko, S. (1998). Benthic fauna in the Northern Barents Sea. Akvaplan-niva report, 434.97.1286. Norwegian Ministry of Environment: [s.l.]. 33 pp., more
  • Peer reviewed article Cochrane, S.K.J.; Pearson, T.H.; Greenacre, M.; Costelloe, J.; Ellingsen, I.H.; Dahle, S.; Gulliksen, B. (2012). Benthic fauna and functional traits along a Polar Front transect in the Barents Sea – Advancing tools for ecosystem-scale assessments. J. Mar. Syst. 94: 204-217.
  • Peer reviewed article Gulliksen, B. (1974). Ascidians of Jan Mayen Island. Astarte 7(2): 67-70
  • Peer reviewed article Gulliksen, B. (1975). The macrobenthic fauna of rocks and boulders in the Luebeck Bay (Western Baltic Sea) investigated from the underwater laboratory 'Helgoland'. Helgol. Meeresunters. 27(4): 439-449
  • Peer reviewed article Gulliksen, B. (1977). Studies from the "UWL Helgoland" on the macrobenthic fauna of rocks and boulders in the Luebeck Bay (western Baltic Sea). Helgol. Meeresunters. 30(1-4): 519-526
  • Gulliksen, B.; Palerud, R.; Brattegard, T.; Sneli, J.-A. (1999). Distribution of marine benthic macro-organisms at Svalbard (including Bear Island) and Jan Mayen. Utred. DN 1999(4): 148, more
  • Gulliksen, B.; Beuchel, F. (2003). Temporal variations and succession of sublittoral rocky bottom biota in the Arctic Kongsfjord using underwater photographs and image analysis, in: Heip, C.H.R. et al. Biodiversity of coastal marine ecosystems pattern and process: a Euroconference, Corinth, Greece 05-10 May 2001. pp. 39-40
  • Peer reviewed article Gulliksen, B.; Derås, K.M. (1975). A diver-operated suction sampler for fauna on rocky bottoms. Oikos (Kbh.) 26(2): 246-249
  • Gulliksen, B.; Holte, B.; Jakola, K.-J. (1985). The soft bottom fauna in Van Mijenfjord and Raudfjord, Svalbard, in: Gray, J.S. et al. (Ed.) Marine Biology of Polar Regions and Effects of Stress on Marine Organisms: Proceedings of the 18th European Marine Biology Symposium, University of Oslo, Norway, 14-20 August 1983. pp. 199-215
  • Hopkins, C.C.E.; Gulliksen, B. (1978). Diurnal vertical migration and zooplankton-epibenthos relationships in a north Norwegian fjord, in: McLusky, D.S. et al. (Ed.) Physiology and Behaviour of Marine Organisms: Proceedings of the 12th European Symposium on Marine Biology Stirling, Scotland, September 1977. pp. 271-280
  • Peer reviewed article Jorgensen, L.; Pearson, T.H.; Anisimova, N.; Gulliksen, B.; Dahle, S.; Denisenko, S.; Matishov, G. (1999). Environmental influences on benthic fauna associations of the Kara Sea (Arctic Russia). Polar Biol. 22: 395-416, more
  • Peer reviewed article Sandnes, O.K.; Gulliksen, B. (1980). Monitoring and manipulation of a sublittoral hard bottom biocoenosis in Balsfjord, northern Norway, in: Kinne, O. et al. (Ed.) Protection of life in the sea: 14th European Marine Biology Symposium, 23-29 September 1979, Helgoland. Helgoländer Meeresuntersuchungen, 33(1-4): pp. 467-472

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