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Dr Beaugrand, Gregory

Institute  Top | Institute | Publications 
    Université des Sciences et Technologies de Lille; Station Marine de Wimereux (INSU/CNRS), more
    Institutional address:
    28, avenue Foch
    BP 80
    62930 Wimereux
    Tel.: +33-(0)321-99 29 00
    Fax: +33-(0)321-99 29 01

Publications (25)  Top | Institute | Publications 
    ( 19 peer reviewed ) split up
  • Peer reviewed article Beaugrand, G. (2004). The North Sea regime shift: evidence, causes, mechanisms and consequences. Prog. Oceanogr. 60(2-4): 245-262.
  • Beaugrand, G. (2017). Plankton biodiversity and biogeography, in: Castellani, C. et al. (Ed.) Marine plankton: A practical guide to ecology, methodology, and taxonomy. pp. 12-23
  • Peer reviewed article Beaugrand, G.; Reid, P.C.; Ibañez, F.; Lindley, J.A.; Edwards, M. (2002). Reorganization of north Atlantic marine copepod biodiversity and climate. Science (Wash.) 296(5573): 1692-1694, more
  • Peer reviewed article Beaugrand, G.; Ibanez, F.; Lindley, J.A.; Reid, Ph.C. (2002). Diversity of calanoid copepods in the North Atlantic and adjacent seas: species associations and biogeography. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 232: 179-195, more
  • Peer reviewed article Beaugrand, G.; Brander, K.M.; Lindley, J.A.; Souissi, S.; Reid, P.C. (2003). Plankton effect on cod recruitment in the North Sea. Nature (Lond.) 426(6967): 661-664, more
  • Peer reviewed article Beaugrand, G.; Edwards, M.; Legendre, L. (2010). Marine biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and carbon cycles. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 107(22): 10120-10124.
  • Peer reviewed article Beaugrand, G.; McQuatters-Gollop, A.; Edwards, M.; Goberville, E. (2013). Long-term responses of North Atlantic calcifying plankton to climate change. Nat. Clim. Chang. 3(3): 263-267.
  • Peer reviewed article Beaugrand, G.; Edwards, M.; Raybaud, V.; Goberville, E.; Kirby, R.R. (2015). Future vulnerability of marine biodiversity compared with contemporary and past changes. Nat. Clim. Chang. 5(7): 695–701.
  • Peer reviewed article Beaugrand, G.; Ibañez, F.; Lindley, J.A. (2003). An overview of statistical methods applied to CPR data. Prog. Oceanogr. 58(2-4): 235-262.
  • Peer reviewed article Beaugrand, G.; Ibañez, F.; Lindley, J.A. (2003). An overview of statistical methods applied to CPR data, in: Reid, P.C. et al. (Ed.) Achievements of the Continuous Plankton Recorder Survey and a vision for its future. Progress in Oceanography, 58(2-4): pp. 235-262.
  • Peer reviewed article Bonnet, D.; richardson, A.; Harris, R.; Hirst, A.; Beaugrand, G.; Edwards, M.; Ceballos, S.; Diekmann, R.; Lopéz-Urrutia, A.; Valdés, L.; Carlotti, F.; Molinero, J.C.; Weikert, H.; Greve, W.; Lucic, D.; Albania, A.; Yahia, N.D.; Fonda Umani, S.; Miranda, A.; dos Santos, A.; Cook, K.; Robinson, S.; Fernández de Puelles, M.L. (2005). An overview of Calanus helgolandicus ecology in European waters. Prog. Oceanogr. 65(1): 1-53.
  • Peer reviewed article Brander, K.M.; Ottersen, G.; Bakker, J.P.; Beaugrand, G.; Herr, H.; Garthe, S.; Gilles, A.; Kenny, A.; Siebert, U.; Skjoldal, H.R.; Tulp, I. (2016). Environmental impacts - marine ecosystems, in: Quante, M. et al. (Ed.) North Sea region climate change assessment. Regional Climate Studies, : pp. 241-274.
  • Drinkwater, K.; Hunt, G.; Lehodey, P.; Lluch-Cota, S.E.; Murphy, E.J.; Sakurai, Y.; Schwing, F.; Beaugrand, G.; Sundby, S. (2010). Climate forcing on marine ecosystems, in: Barange, M. et al. (Ed.) Marine Ecosystems and Global Change. pp. 11-39
  • Peer reviewed article Edwards, M.; Beaugrand, G.; Reid, P.C.; Rowden, A.A.; Jones, M.B. (2002). Ocean climate anomalies and the ecology of the North Sea. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 239: 1-10
  • Peer reviewed article Helaouët, P.; Beaugrand, G. (2007). Macroecology of Calanus finmarchicus and C. helgolandicus in the North Atlantic Ocean and adjacent seas. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 345: 147-165
  • Peer reviewed article Kirby, R.R.; Beaugrand, G.; Lindley, J.A.; Richardson, A.J.; Edwards, M.; Reid, P.C. (2007). Climate effects and benthic-pelagic coupling in the North Sea. Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser. 330: 31-38
  • McQuatters-Gollop, A.; Burkill, P.H.; Beaugrand, G.; Gattuso, J.P.; Edwards, M. (2010). Atlas of calcifying plankton: Results from the North Atlantic Continuous Plankton Recorder survey. Sir Alister Hardy Foundation for Ocean Science (SAHFOS): Plymouth. ISBN 978-0-9566301-0-0. 20 pp.
  • Peer reviewed article Raitsos, D.E.; Beaugrand, G.; Georgopoulos, D.; Zenetos, A.; Pancucci-Papadopoulou, A.M.; Theocharis, A.; Papathanassiou, E. (2010). Global climate change amplifies the entry of tropical species into the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Limnol. Oceanogr. 55(4): 1478-1484.
  • Reid, P.C.; Beaugrand, G. (2002). Interregional biological responses in the North Atlantic to hydrometeorological forcing, in: Sherman, K. et al. Large marine ecosystems of the North Atlantic: changing states and sustainability. Large Marine Ecosystems Series, : pp. 27-49
  • Peer reviewed article Reid, Ph.C.; Edwards, M.; Beaugrand, G.; Skogen, M.D.; Stevens, D. (2003). Periodic changes in the zooplankton of the North Sea during the twentieth century linked to oceanic inflow. Fish. Oceanogr. 12(4-5): 260-269
  • Reid, Ph.C.; Edwards, M.; Beaugrand, G.; Skogen, M.D.; Stevens, D. (2004). Periodic changes in the zooplankton of the North Sea during the twentieth century linked to oceanic inflow. Revue des Travaux de la Station Marine de Wimereux 2003(26): 1-10
  • Peer reviewed article Reid, Ph.C.; Fischer, A.C.; Lewis-Brown, E.; Meredith, M.P.; Sparrow, M.; Andersson, A.J.; Antia, A.; Bates, N.R.; Bathmann, U.; Beaugrand, G.; Brix, H.; Dye, S.; Edwards, M.; Furevik, T.; Gangstø, R.; Hátún, H.; Hopcroft, R.R.; Kendall, M.; Kasten, S.; Keeling, R.; Le Quéré, C.; Mackenzie, F.T.; Malin, G.; Mauritzen, C.; Ólafsson, J.; Paull, C.; Rignot, E.; Shimada, K.; Vogt, M.; Wallace, C. (2009). Impacts of the oceans on climate change. Adv. Mar. Biol. 56: 1-150.
  • Peer reviewed article Reid, Ph.C.; Beaugrand, G. (2012). Global synchrony of an accelerating rise in sea surface temperature. J. Mar. Biol. Ass. U.K. 92(7): 1435-1450.
  • Peer reviewed article Rombouts, I.; Beaugrand, G.; Dauvin, J.C. (2012). Potential changes in benthic macrofaunal distributions from the English Channel simulated under climate change scenarios. Est., Coast. and Shelf Sci. 99(1): 153-161.
  • Smayda, T.J.; Borkman, D.G.; Beaugrand, G.; Belgrano, A. (2004). Responses of marine phytoplankton populations to fluctuations in marine climate, in: Stenseth, N.Ch. et al. (Ed.) Marine ecosystems and climate variation. The North Atlantic: a comparative perspective. pp. 49-58.

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