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  • Peer reviewed articleSutton, T.T. et al. (2017). A global biogeographic classification of the mesopelagic zone. Deep-Sea Res., Part 1, Oceanogr. Res. Pap. 126: 85-102.

  • Angel, M.V.; John, A.W.G. (2017). Crustacea: Ostracoda, in: Castellani, C. et al. (Ed.) Marine plankton: A practical guide to ecology, methodology, and taxonomy. pp. 410-419

  • Angel, M.V.; Blachowiak-Samolyk, K. (2014). Halocyprid ostracods of the Southern Ocean, in: De Broyer, C. et al. (Ed.) (2014). Biogeographic atlas of the Southern Ocean. pp. 297-302

  • Peer reviewed articleAppeltans, W. et al. (2012). The magnitude of global marine species diversity. Curr. Biol. 22(23): 2189-2202.

  • Peer reviewed articleAngel, M.V.; Blachowiak-Samolyk, K. (2008). Insights gained from a web-based atlas of halocyprid ostracods of the Southern Ocean. Rev. Micropaleontol. 51(4): 339-348.

  • Peer reviewed articleBlachowiak-Samolyk, K.; Angel, M.V. (2007). A year round comparative study on the population structures of pelagic Ostracoda in Admiralty Bay (Southern Ocean). Hydrobiologia 585: 67-77.

  • Angel, M.V. (2006). A passion for ostracods: from the Arabian Sea to the world-wide web. Ocean Challenge 14(2): 22-27

  • McLaughlin, P.A. et al. (2005). Common and scientific names of aquatic invertebrates from the United States and Canada: Crustaceans. Special Publication. American Fisheries Society, 31. American Fisheries Society: Bethesda. ISBN 1-888569-64-6. 543 + CD-Rom pp.

  • Angel, M.V. (2003). The pelagic environment of the open ocean, in: Tyler, P.A. (Ed.) Ecosystems of the deep oceans. Ecosystems of the World, 28: pp. 39-79

  • Angel, M.V. (2000). Marine planktonic ostracods [CD-ROM]. World Biodiversity Database CD-ROM Series. Expert Center for Taxonomic Identification (ETI): Amsterdam. ISBN 3-540-14680-6. 1 cd-rom pp.

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