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Register of Resources (RoR)

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4 records found with search conditions : Peer reviewed

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  • Artois, T.J.; Schockaert, E.R. (1999). Interstitial fauna of Galapagos: Porrocystidinae (Plathelminthes Polycystididae). Trop. Zool. 12(2): 309-324., more [ download pdf ]

  • Artois, T.J.; Schockaert, E.R. (2000). Interstitial fauna of the Galapagos: Typhlopolycystidinae (Platyhelminthes Polycystididae). Trop. Zool. 13: 141-158, more [ download from OMA ]

  • Artois, T.J.; Schockaert, E.R. (2005). Primary homology assessment of structures in the female atrial system among species of the Polycystididae (Rhabditophora, Eukalyptorhynchia). Invertebr. Biol. 124(2): 109-118., more [ download from OMA ]

  • Willems, W.R.; Artois, T.J.; Backeljau, T.; Schockaert, E.R. (2005). Typhloplanoida (Platyhelminthes, Rhabdocoela) from New Caledonia and eastern Australia, with the description of six new taxa. N.Z. J. Zool. 32: 79-98, more [ download from OMA ]

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