Secondary education resources

This section is aimed at secondary level students, aged between 12 and 15 years of age, with educational resources for teachers and parents. Teacherís notes on each of these activities are available once you enter each module. The resources have been divided into three modules (Marine Biology, Marine Ecology and Marine Awareness). You will find that all of these activities will compliment your school curriculum

Level 1 (12-15yrs)

  • Marine Biology

    Teachers notes for this section

  • Marine Ecology

    Teachers notes for echolocation
    Teachers notes for rocky shore survey

  • Marine Awareness

    • Fact Sheets:

    • Climate change

      A research project within MarBEF, MarPace (marine propagation along the coasts of Europe) investigated the effects of climate change on marine species. Here they present an illustrated pdf of their findings.

      "Climate change brings the secrets of marine life to the surface"

      Marine Biodiversity Websites

      An overview of marine biodiversity websites in Europe was carried out in 2006. This report priovides a summary of the top websites which were active at the time and the target audiences for each website. A number of websites had educational material which may be of interest to you and also compliments the information here

      You can download the report here in pdf format

      We aim to provide material on marine biodiversity and ecosystem functioning aimed at secondary level students. This will include information on where and how to study marine biodiversity in Europe plus links to appropiate study resources.

  • MarBEF EU Network of Excellence, funded under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union
    Principle investigators: Chris Emblow and Roisin Nash