LargeNet Datasets

Integrated database and data policy

A central LargeNet database will be compiled capturing the available data on meiobenthos on a broad European scale. All the information that is stored in the integrated database is subject to the rules of the Largenet data policy, which has precedence to the MarBEF data policy (consultable on the MarBEF website by clicking here).

Recommended formats

Hereunder, you can find a list of recommended data formats to deliver your datasets.

These formats are not obligatory, but we strongly recommend to make use of them when you still have to digitise your datasets or have to clean up your original data.

If your dataset is already available in a digital format, please check the "metadata" sheet of the corresponding format, to make sure you did not forget to mention any important information.

Datasets contributed by the partners

These will be integrated in the LargeNet Databases (soft bottom, rocky shore and pelagic).
Hereunder you can find a list of the datasets supplied until now.