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MarFISH-workshop on Ecosystem functioning - relevant to fish biodiversity and fisheries, 10 April 2008 at IFREMER in Nantes (France)


  • Workshop summary report
  • Presentations:
    • Ellis; Engelhard; Pinnegar. Ecotypes of NE Atlantic fish species - PDF version
    • Anik Brind’Amour. On the assessment of functional diversity in coastal nurseries: the Bay of Biscay case study - PDF version
    • Daskalov, G.M. Overfishing affects more than fish populations; Regime shifts, Trophic cascade, Biological invasions, Overfishing and their effects on Ecosystem Functioning and Fisheries - PDF version
    • Lindley, J. Alistair; R. Kirby; G. Beaugrand. Changes in the meroplankton of the North Sea, responses to climate and fishery - PDF version
    • Niels Daan. Causes of spatial and temporal trends in species richness and abundance ? - PDF version
    • Petitgas, Pierre. Modelling Fish Habitat Characteristics; Predicting habitat changes under climate change scenarios, RECLAIM work plan - PDF version
    • Gallego, A. Investigating the mechanisms underlying ecosystem structure: a multi-species, size-structured model of the North Sea demersal fish assemblage - PDF version
    • Ruardij, Piet. Modelling of higher trophic levels with a large ecosystem model - PDF version
    • Guidetti, Paolo. Fish diversity components and community-wide changes: an experimental case study in the Mediterranean rocky sublittoral - PDF version

MarFISH annual meeting, 5-6 September 2007 at IMARES, Ijmuiden, The Netherlands

The purposes of the annual meeting were the following:

  • discuss in detail the status of different workpackages and participant responsibilities
  • discuss planning and progress of milestones and deliverables
  • identify new suggestions or plans for work that participants can do together and/or with other projects within the network.


MarFISH policy statement on the importance of fish biodiversity for the management of fisheries and ecosystems

A brief policy statement regarding the role of fish biodiversity in the management of fisheries and ecosystems in European waters has been prepared by participants of this fish biodiversity subproject (MarFISH) of the European Network of Excellence MarBEF. Questions, comments and communications can be addressed to Dr Jan G. Hiddink.


MarFISH/HMAP Workshop, 22-23 February 2007 at Roskilde University (Denmark)

The department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change, Roskilde University in collaboration with IFREMER invites you to the workshop on "Long term spatial impact of natural variability and human induced changes in marine ecosystems".

This workshop aims at bringing together multiple disciplines, time series and spatially resolved data spanning the last millennia, with the intent to gain new insights into the driving forces of marine resource exploitation. The workshop will consist of paper presentations, group discussions and introductory papers on interdisciplinary challenges of historical ecology and marine environmental history.



Presentation at MarBEF General Assembly, Lecce 9-11 May 2006

Download presentation.

Fish related articles in MarBEF newsletter

  • MacKenzie, B.R. (2006). Paris conference. Biodiversity in Paris: MarBEF on the international stage. MarBEF Newsletter 4: 16. PDF version
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  • Brander, K. (2006). Paris conference. Is climate change moving the goalposts for fisheries management?. MarBEF Newsletter 4: 18-20. PDF version
  • Dulvy, N.K. (2006). Paris conference. Extinctions and threat in the sea. MarBEF Newsletter 4: 20-22. PDF version
  • Heip, C. (2006). Paris conference. Marine biodiversity: past and present concerns. MarBEF Newsletter 4: 22-23. PDF version
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  • MacKenzie, B.R. (2006). Paris conference. Anthropogenic impacts on the Baltic Sea - problems and solutions. MarBEF Newsletter 4: 26-29. PDF version
  • Brenner, J. (2005). Fish indicators of coastal ecological resilience. MarBEF Newsletter 2: 18-19. PDF version
  • MacKenzie, B. (2004). MARBEF investigates biodiversity of fish. MarBEF Newsletter 1: 12. PDF version

The CHALOUPE Project: Global change, dynamics of exploited marine biodiversity, and viability of fisheries

This national project is part of the French participation to MarFish. Chaloupe in French means rowboat. This acronym was extracted from the full name of the project "CHAngement gLObal, dynamiqUe de la biodiversité marine exploitée et viabilité des PEcheries".

Find more information on CHALOUPE.

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