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Perkins, Thomas H. (1984). Revision of Demonax Kinberg, Hypsicomus Grube, and Notaulax Tauber, with a review of Megalomma Johansson from Florida (Polychaeta: Sabellidae). Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. 97(2): 285-368.
Perkins, Thomas H.
Revision of <i>Demonax</i> Kinberg, <i>Hypsicomus</i> Grube, and <i>Notaulax</i> Tauber, with a review of <i>Megalomma</i> Johansson from Florida (Polychaeta: Sabellidae)
Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington
97(2): 285-368
World Polychaeta Database (WPolyDb)
A study to clarify the systematics of some Sabellinae was conducted. The systematic importance of setae, uncini and the branchial crown of the subfamily are discussed. Demonax Kinberg, Parasabella Bush, and Distylidia Hartman are synonyms. Demonax lacunosus, n. sp., is described from Florida, and D. microphthalmus (Verrill), D. rugosus (Moore), D. pallidus (Moore), and D. japonicus (Moore) are new combinations; a key for 9 American Demonax species is provided. Hypsicomus Grube is redefined based on examination of the type-species, Sabella stichophthalmos Grube, which is redescribed. Other species previously included in Hypsicomus, except Anamobaea orstedii Kroyer and Hypsicomus caecus Iroso, are transferred to Notaulax Tauber with type-species N. rectangulata Levinsen. Notaulax bahamensis, n. sp., and N. paucoculata, n. sp., are described from the Bahamas. Sabella brevicollaris Grube, S. torquata Grube, and Protulides elegans Webster are synonyms of Notaulax nudicollis (Kroyer). Parasabella sulfurea Treadwell, Sabella alba Treadwell, and Hypsicomus purpureus Treadwell are synonyms of Notaulax occidentalis (Baird), new combination. Notaulax californica (Treadwell) and N. midoculi (Hoagland), new combinations, are redescribed. Twelve additional taxa in Notaulax, some of which are indeterminable or are synonyms, are listed; a key for 10 Notaulax species is provided. Megalomma bioculatum (Ehlers) and M. lobiferum (Ehlers) are redescribed; M. pigmentum Reish is newly reported from western Atlantic waters and additionally described; and M. heterops, n. sp., is described from Florida.
Systematics, Taxonomy
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