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Nitokra Boeck, 1865

115198  (

Nitokra typica typica Boeck, 1865 (type by original designation)
Nitocra Boeck, 1865· accepted, alternate representation (Both spellings in use)
Species Nitokra balnearia Por, 1964
Species Nitokra baltica Arlt, 1983
Species Nitokra cari Petkovski, 1954
Species Nitokra elegans (Scott T., 1905)
Species Nitokra elongata Marcus, 1968
Species Nitokra fluviatilis Galhano, 1968
Species Nitokra fragilis Sars G.O., 1905
Species Nitokra hamata Bodin, 1970
Species Nitokra husmanni Kunz, 1976
Species Nitokra pontica Boeck, 1865
Species Nitokra sewelli Gurney, 1927
Species Nitokra stygia (Apostolov, 1976)

Species Nitokra affinis Gurney, 1927 represented as Nitokra affinis affinis Gurney, 1927
Species Nitokra fallaciosa Klie, 1937 represented as Nitokra fallaciosa fallaciosa Klie, 1937
Species Nitokra lacustris (Schmankevitsch, 1875) represented as Nitokra lacustris lacustris (Schmankevitsch, 1875)
Species Nitokra mediterranea Brian, 1928 represented as Nitokra mediterranea mediterranea Brian, 1928
Species Nitokra pusilla Sars G.O., 1911 represented as Nitokra pusilla pusilla Sars G.O., 1911
Species Nitokra reducta Schäfer, 1936 represented as Nitokra reducta reducta Schäfer, 1936
Species Nitokra spinipes Boeck, 1865 represented as Nitokra spinipes spinipes Boeck, 1865
Species Nitokra typica Boeck, 1865 represented as Nitokra typica typica Boeck, 1865

Species Nitokra divaricata Chappuis, 1924 accepted as Nitocrella divaricata (Chappuis, 1924)
Species Nitokra hibernica (Brady, 1880) accepted as Nitokra hibernica hibernica (Brady, 1880)
Species Nitokra parafragilis Roe, 1958 accepted as Nitokra spinipes Boeck, 1865 represented as Nitokra spinipes spinipes Boeck, 1865 (synonym)
Species Nitokra tau Giesbrecht, 1881 accepted as Ameira parvula (Claus, 1866) accepted as Amphiascus parvulus (Claus, 1866) (synonym )
marine, brackish, fresh, terrestrial
Not documented
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