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Pseudorhabdosynochus Yamaguti, 1958

468117  (

ERMS (2018). Pseudorhabdosynochus Yamaguti, 1958. Accessed at: on 2018-03-21
Costello, M.J.; Bouchet, P.; Boxshall, G.; Arvanitidis, C.; Appeltans, W. (2018). European Register of Marine Species. Pseudorhabdosynochus Yamaguti, 1958. Accessed at: on 2018-03-21
2010-04-22 09:15:51Z
2017-06-19 12:05:52Z

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taxonomy source Kritsky, D. C.; Bakenhaster, M. D.; Adams, D. H. (2015). Pseudorhabdosynochus species (Monogenoidea: Diplectanidae) parasitizing groupers (Serranidae: Epinephelinae: Epinephelini) in the western Atlantic Ocean and adjacent waters, with descriptions of 13 new species. Parasite. 22., available online at
note: Discussion on the type-species [details]   

basis of record  (ofCycloplectanum Oliver, 1968) Bray, R.A. (2001). Monogenea, in: Costello, M.J. et al. (Ed.) (2001). European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels, 50: pp. 142-146 (look up in RoR[details]   

additional source  (ofCycloplectanum Oliver, 1968) Nomenclator Zoologicus Online. , available online at [details]   
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