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MANUELA central database again open for submission of datasets!

On the thirteenth international meiofauna conference (THIRIMCO) in Recife this summer, the majority of the MANUELA scientists wanted to put the central database open again for data submission. Since the meiobenthologists concentrated on the analyses that were needed to meet the deliverables of MarBEF, there is a general feeling that the database is not fully exploited at this moment. New ideas for analyses will be put forward early next year, but in the meanwhile, new contributions to the central database will only make the science stronger.

So if you have new datasets, or if you found ‘old’ datasets that you didn’t submit during the first phase of the development of the database, you have the opportunity to do so now! Of course, the ‘rules’ for using data from the database remain and you can find a detailed description of these rule in the MANUELA data policy

Data can be submitted again starting now. Deadline for submission is March 31st, 2008.

For further information on the MANUELA project, please contact Jan Vanaverbeke

For data submission, please contact Leen Vandepitte

Manuela data transferred to EurOBIS

Another deliverable for Manuela has been met! Information on distribution of the taxa within the Manuela database was transferred to the European node of OBIS for 35 of the 71 datasets. A total of 38,132 distributions were added to EurOBIS. For 25 of these 35 datasets, not only the distribution information has been made available, but also the individual counts of the taxa per location.

For the other datasets, data providers have asked to withhold the information just a bit longer, as the data are still being progressed for publications.

To see the map with the distribution records, click on Manuela records in EurOBIS.

Update of the Manuela nematodes to ERMS

One of the deliverables of the Manuela project to MarBEF is to make sure that all nematode species collected from the Manuela database are also present in the European Register of Marine Species (ERMS). As the deadline for contributing datasets was reached at the end of August, it was now possible to get a complete overview of all nematode taxa present within Manuela. During this update, 333 species were added to ERMS, bringing the nematode species within ERMS to a grand total of 2,173.

To see the full ERMS list of Nematoda, click on Nematoda or Nematoda incertae sedis.

State of the art of the MANUELA database on 31st August 2006

The deadline for contributing to the MANUELA database has been reached on 31st August 2006. Data collection started in January 2006 and 12 institutes delivered a total of 66 meiobenthic datasets, mainly consisting of nematode and copepod related data.

A grand total of 10 895 taxon records was reached, representing almost 1850 unique taxa. A wide geographical range has been covered: from the Mediterranean over the North-East Atlantic to the Arctic Sea. Samples were taken from the intertidal to the deep sea and this both in marine and brackish environments.

All this fragmented information will now be integrated into the MANUELA central database. This database will be analysed by the MANUELA research community in January 2007 at Ghent University during the first analysis workshop.

Presentation at MarBEF General Assembly, Lecce 9-11 May 2006

Download presentation.

First contributions to the MANUELA Database

The first datasets that will contribute to the integrated MANUELA project database have reached VLIZ! The metadatarecords are online and can be consulted in the datasets section.

MANUELA Kick off Meeting

Manuela kick off meeting was organised from Wednesday 28th September until Friday 29th September. The agenda, report and some pictures are available online and can be consulted under the Meetings section.

The electronic Nematode Identification Key is now online!

In order to facilitate meiobenthic research, an electronic key to the free-living marine nematode was constructed ( After clicking "Datasets" and "Nematode", you can start identifying nematodes or browse all available taxonomical literature available on free-living marine nematodes. Registration is required to have full access to all facilities offered by NeMys including your own "taxonomic workbench" which can be used to store your own drawings, notes…about your personal specimens.

Manuela Data policy

The Manuela Declaration of Mutual Understanding on Data Sharing is finalised and can be consulted here.

MANUELA is a Responsive Mode Project undertaken within the MarBEF EU Network of Excellence, funded under the Sixth Framework Pro - gramme of the European Union
Principal investigator: Jan Vanaverbeke
Web contact Leen Vandepitte