MarBEF Training Course on BioAssay Methods in Marine Chemical Ecology

September 9-14, 2006
Tjärno Marine Biological Laboratory, Strömstad, Sweden

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The overall aim of the course was to teach some of the basic principles and protocols to monitor the responses of marine organisms to secondary metabolites and the role that these compounds play in mediating ecological interactions. Lecture topics focused on the ecological effects of secondary metabolite production in heterotrophic bacteria, phyto- and zooplankton, benthic macrophytes and invertebrates. The course included theoretical presentations in the morning sessions and illustrations of theory and small practical experiments in the laboratory in the afternoon sessions. A total of 18 students (12 women and 6 men) from Sweden, Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Ireland, Philippines and Mexico attended the course, most of which were PhD or post-doc students from member MarBEF institutions. The teaching staff consisted of 15 researchers mainly from the MarBEF community, 2 invited lecturers from the UK and Sweden, and 2 invited lecturers from the US.

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ROSEMEB: Role of Secondary Metabolites in driving ecosystem functionality and maintaining ecosystem biodiversity is a Responsive Mode Project undertaken within the MarBEF EU Network of Excellence, funded under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union
Principal investigator: Adrianna Ianora
Public outreach: Raffaella Casotti