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Ocaña, Oscar; Den Hartog, J.C. (2002). A catalogue of Actiniaria and Corallimorpharia from the Canary Islands and from Madeira, Arquipelago. Life and Marine Sciences. 19A: 33-54.
Ocaña, Oscar; Den Hartog, J.C.
A catalogue of Actiniaria and Corallimorpharia from the Canary Islands and from Madeira, Arquipelago
Life and Marine Sciences
19A: 33-54
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Actinia equina mediterranea Schmidt, 1971 accepted as Actinia mediterranea Schmidt, 1971 (additional source)
Actinoscyphia aurelia (Stephenson, 1918) (additional source)
Actinoscyphia saginata (Verrill, 1882) (additional source)
Actinothoe sphyrodeta (Gosse, 1858) (additional source)
Adamsia carciniopados (Otto, 1823) accepted as Adamsia palliata (Fabricius, 1779) accepted as Calliactis palliata (Müller, 1776) (additional source)
Aiptasia diaphana (Rapp, 1829) accepted as Exaiptasia diaphana (Rapp, 1829) (additional source)
Aiptasia mutabilis (Gravenhorst, 1831) (additional source)
Aiptasiogeton hyalinus (Delle Chiaje, 1822) (additional source)
Aiptasiogeton pellucidus (Hollard, 1848) accepted as Aiptasiogeton hyalinus (Delle Chiaje, 1822) (source of synonymy)
Alicia mirabilis Johnson, 1861 (additional source)
Amphianthus dohrnii (Koch, 1878) (additional source)
Anemonactis mazeli (Jourdan, 1880) (additional source)
Anemonia melanaster (Verrill, 1901) (additional source)
Anemonia sulcata (Pennant, 1777) (additional source)
Anthopleura ballii (Cocks, 1851) (additional source)
Anthopleura thallia (Gosse, 1854) (additional source)
Anthothoe affinis (Johnson, 1861) (additional source)
Bolocera tuediae (Johnston, 1832) (additional source)
Bunodactis rubripunctata (Grube, 1840) (additional source)
Bunodactis verrucosa (Pennant, 1777) (additional source)
Bunodeopsis strumosa Andrès, 1881 (additional source)
Calliactis parasitica (Couch, 1842) (additional source)
Cereus pedunculatus (Pennant, 1777) (additional source)
Corallimorphus ingens Gravier, 1918 (additional source)
Corynactis viridis Allman, 1846 (additional source)
Dendrophyllia ramea (Linnaeus, 1758) (additional source)
Diadumene leucolena (Verrill, 1866) (additional source)
Halcampoides purpurea (Studer, 1879) accepted as Halcampoides purpureus (Studer, 1879) (additional source)
Haliplanella lineata (Verrill, 1869) accepted as Diadumene lineata (Verrill, 1869) (additional source)
Hormathia alba (Andres, 1881) (additional source)
Paraphellia expansa Haddon, 1886 (additional source)
Phelliactis hertwigii Simon, 1892 (additional source)
Pseudocorynactis caribbeorum Den Hartog, 1980 (additional source)
Sagartia troglodytes (Price in Johnston, 1847) accepted as Cylista troglodytes (Price in Johnston, 1847) (additional source)
Sicyonis hemisphaerica Carlgren, 1934 accepted as Sicyonis haemisphaerica Carlgren, 1934 (additional source)
Telmatactis cricoides (Duchassaing, 1850) (additional source)
Telmatactis solidago (Duchassaing & Michelotti, 1864) (additional source)
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