Second training course on Chemical Methods in Marine Ecology, 9-12 September 2008 in Pozzuoli and Naples (Italy)

On 9-12 September 2008 a course has been held in Pozzuoli and Naples (Italy), organized by Angelo Fontana to train PhD level students and young researchers in modern chemical methods currently used to study inter- and intra-specific interactions mediated by secondary metabolites in benthic and planktonic communities. 13 students from all over Europe attended the course, 7 of which women. Partecipants were from Germany (3), Italy (4), UK (2), France (1), Spain (1), Lithuania (1) and Argentina (1). Locations were CNR - Istituto di Chimica Biomolecolare, Pozzuoli, Italy and Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Naples “Federico II”, Napoli, Italy.


Workshop on Chemical Ecology of Plankton, 2-4 July 2008 in Juodkrante, Lithuania


First training course on Chemical Methods in Marine Ecology, September 2007 in Pozzuoli, Italy

On 12-15 September 2007 a course has been held in Pozzuoli (Italy) at the Institute of Chemical Biology, organized by Angelo Fontana. Basic and applied aspects included the role of low-molecular-weight compounds in marine ecosystem functioning, the development of research tools devoted to defence and conservation of marine environments, and the application for pharmaceutical and cosmaceutical industry. Major themes were on Isolation and Structure Elucidation, Modern Mass Spectrometry and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Methodologies, Biosynthesis and Bioassays. The course was very successful and it is foreseen to be offered again in 2008.


MarBEF General Assembly meeting

On 14-17 May 2007 we had our General Assembly meeting in Sopot/Gdansk (Poland). The presentation on our project activities is available to download:

Training course on Bioassay Methods in Marine Chemical Ecology

On 9-14 September 2006 we had our training course at the Tjärno Marine Biological Laboratory, in Strömstad, Sweden. All the information, lectures and pictures are available on the tjarno webpage.

New reference list of relevant publications in chemical ecology

This is a list of published scientific papers, relevant to the general field of marine chemical ecology, meaning by this all fields of research dealing with secondary metabolites of marine organisms and their effects at the molecular, cellular, population, community, and ecosystem level. This list has several aims, from providing general reading to interested scientists, to offering a starting point for potential researchers in chemical ecology, to presenting supporting evidences from different models on the role of secondary metabolites in marine systems. It reflects the expertise of the participants in the MarBEF-ROSEMEB subproject, and is not intended to be exhaustive or final and will be updated as necessary.

The titles have been grouped according to an organizational scale:

  1. Books on chemical ecology in general or on natural products of marine origin
  2. Review articles and key publications on chemical ecology in general, i.e. spanning several groups of marine organisms
  3. Articles on selected groups of marine organism (bacteria, phytoplankton, zooplankton, benthic), listed as general (review or large focus) or advanced (more specific research articles).

In some cases, one reference can be repeated in more than one location, in order to account for multiple possible classifications.


We hope that the reader will find this list useful and we will appreciate any suggestions or feedback, to be addressed to Raffaella Casotti.

New trends in marine chemical ecology

As a result of our ROSEMEB Kickoff meeting in 2005 we have published a paper in Estuaries and Coasts where we review some of the new trends and emerging topics in marine chemical ecology. This is paper is available in the MarBEF Open Archive and as open access publication on the Estuaries and Coasts website.

ROSEMEB Kick-off meeting

The ROSEMEB kick-off meeting took place at the Stazione Zoologica "A. Dohrn" in Naples (Italy) on 3 and 4 November 2005. Downloads:

ROSEMEB: Role of Secondary Metabolites in driving ecosystem functionality and maintaining ecosystem biodiversity is a Responsive Mode Project undertaken within the MarBEF EU Network of Excellence, funded under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Union
Principal investigator: Adrianna Ianora
Public outreach: Raffaella Casotti